Scrap Free Perks For £10k Pensioners?

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Stuart from Cheshire shares his concerns about scrapping free bus passes and TV licenses for OAPS.

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  • Walter Phimister

    almost 2 years ago

    Walter Phimister

    A good program (most of the time) however I am also fed up with people saying the pensioners are well off; I quote from 'Pensions International Comparison' report issued by the House of Commons Library. It was published in 2007 and but the relationships have not altered. "A comparison of State Pension alone shows the UK significantly lower than most other countries, however, the relative position of Pensioners coverage’s if income from all sources is considered. That meant when the report was put together occupational pensions were better (if you had one) - that was until Gordon Brown started stealing money from the Pensions investments funds, 50 million at a time I believe. So it is certainly not the State which makes these well off Pensioners it means they saved (went without things) and planned for their retirement. Unless they were an MP, Banker or high flyer or especially if they got a golden good-by. The so called perks (bus passes, heating allowances and TV licence) are given (???) to make the Pensioners think they are getting a good deal. If the Government gave a decent pension they could withdraw all these so called perks. As you will be aware many Pensioners are using their savings just to survive and the extremely low bank interest rate does not help.

  • sarah

    almost 2 years ago


    i HATE this show! its so judgemental

  • Kevin

    almost 2 years ago


    Were does the £10000 come from, you continue to push this figure, being a pensioner, the amount I get is in the region of £6500. Could you manage on this and pay all your bills