Monday 28 May


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Shut Out Greek Migrants?
First up: As fears grow that Greece could be kicked out of the euro, should we slam the door on economic migrants? If anti-austerity parties take the reins in next month’s Greek elections, it could trigger a chain of events that sees Greece kicked out of the single currency. And that could mean worsening economic problems in Spain and Italy too. Home secretary Theresa May’s been considering measures to stop job-seekers from those nations flooding the UK. Is she right to? Or should we open our arms to our European brothers and sisters?

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Any Excuse For Domestic Abuse?
After which: is there ever a valid excuse for domestic abuse? On Thursday’s Coronation Street factory worker Kirsty lashed out again at boyfriend Tyrone. On Friday night she blamed her behaviour on pregnancy hormones, and on the abuse she suffered from her dad as a child. But do either of those excuses wash? Is there any reason you’d accept for domestic abuse?

Part 6: Eurovision Shame: Bbc To Blame?
Moving on: Is the BBC to blame for our humiliating defeat at the Eurovision song content on Saturday? Once again they put forward a dirge of a song by a singer no one gives a monkeys about. But was it really their fault? What with The Hump being drawn to sing first, and the eastern bloc all voting for each other, we never stood a chance, did we? So is it time to cut our losses and give Eurovision a miss?

Part 7: Quintessential Britain
And finally: I want to know what things you think are quintessentially British. Is it our food - rib-sticking plates of fish’n’chips, shepherds pie and toad in the hole. Our attitudes? We love other people’s misfortune, sarcasm, gossip and whingeing. Or perhaps it’s our hobbies. Binge-drinking, DIY, rambling and the weather spring to mind?


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