Friday 24 June


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Are Pensions Past It?
We’re going to kick off by asking if pensions are past it? Only in three of us bothers to save for our retirement. Why so few? And what are the rest of you going to do? Isn’t your responsibility to take control of your future, even if that means putting your faith in the stock markets? Or do you take the view that future governments are going to order you to work until you die? Pick up the phone and let us know your thoughts on your future?

Then it’s over to Simon for the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papres

Part 5: Do Hard Times Really Make You Stronger?
Then we’re asking if hard times really do make you stronger? Do any of you share my fear that the few good news stories, people like Alan Sugar who’ve gone from rags to riches, obscure the fact that most people don’t come thru unscathed? We’ll hear some more Simon’s experiences and yours of course. Did hard times make you stronger?

Part 6: Do Women Have A Gaydar?
Then: Do women really have a gaydar - an ability to suss a fella’s sexual preference just by looking at him? The Daily mail reckons you girls do! What do you have to say about that I wonder?

Part 7: Talking Telly With Kevin O'sullivan
And finally: I'm going to be talking telly with Sunday Mirror critic Kevin O'Sullivan. We’ll be looking back at Horrible Histories, Mr T’s World’s Craziest Fools, Submarine School, Planet Of The Apemen… and looking forward to Mildred Pierce and Sirens.


  • Mon 27 Jun

    Chef Antony Worall Thompson joins Matthew in the studio.


  • Thu 23 Jun

    Michelle Gayle discusses her foray into the literary world.

  • Wed 22 Jun

    Aldo Zilli talks about his charity work.

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