Wednesday 6 July


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Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show with panellists Mark Little and Amanda Lamb. Songstress Beverley Knight discusses her seventh studio album.


  • Thu 7 Jul

    Actress Bunmi Mojekwu is today's guest.


  • Tue 5 Jul

    With Her Majesty and the Wolves frontwoman Kimberley Wyatt.

  • Mon 4 Jul

    Comic Marcus Brigstocke joins to talk about his book God Collar and a new play called The Railway Children.

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Comments (8)

  • Alan Wheatley, Green Party

    almost 3 years ago

    Alan Wheatley, Green Party

    Why does Wright Stuff never set the record straight by emphasising that even by Dept for Work & Pensions own figures, only one benefit claim in 200 is fraudulen? Besides, when i was last working six hours per week at £7.81 per week, it only profited me by £5 per week (before expenses of going from one work shift to another and eating while out)on top of Jobseekers Allowance. The 'earnings disregard' on unemployment benefits has not been updated since 1988 and is now less than the hourly minimum wage. Barring housing benefit claimants from living in 'affluent areas' would further the situation in which the more affluent talk only to each other as neighbours, and further moves toward electoral gerrymandering. Glaswegian community social worker Bob Holman has written that lobbysists advise government about poverty, while the poor who experience it our pushed aside.

  • Laurence

    almost 3 years ago


    Many years ago I altered an electric machine I had made it then assisted me to build sperm count & mobility. To the extent my wife & I had a baby boy. I did help a number of other people but one couple who's count was raised from 4 million to 28 million mentioned to the ivf consultant about it. He stopped treating the and destroyed the ladies eggs.It's all about money not about helping those less fortunate. I myself am confined to a wheelchair so believe me when I say it's so good having a family.

  • Cheryl

    almost 3 years ago


    Amanda said that "people that were abused go on to abuse others". I think she has made an honest mistake, but there is a subtle but significant difference. It is really important to rectify this note that generally, abused people DO NOT go on to abuse, RATHER, people that abuse have usually been abused themselves.

  • Brad

    almost 3 years ago


    Amand Lamb said her relatives could not afford IVF as they can "barely afford their rent". If that's the case, how on Earth would they pay for a child's food and clothing etc?

  • Denise

    almost 3 years ago


    The benefit caping is wrong. As it pushes people out into areas that no one wants to go. I work part employed & part self-employed I had open heart surgery 2 years ago i applied for benefit & got nothing after showing them my life. If you are honest you get nothing if you lie you get alot how does it work? D

  • Helen Carr

    almost 3 years ago

    Helen Carr

    they shouldn't allow people to be so choosy as where they can live. people expect a standard of living that they can't always afford. also there are all these housing standing empty which could be used for social housing instead of building new ones on green land.

  • Unemployed bum

    almost 3 years ago

    Unemployed bum

    Benefits are a disease in this country. Due to being attacked as a young man I lost my job and was disabled (at the time believed to be permanent and live time effected). Fortunately I was able to improve (not that I could ever convince disability!!). Eventually I gave up DLA and other benefits but as I hadn't worked for over 10 years (now 20 years!) I could not find any work, training non existent and the income from benefits far outweighs what I am ever likely to earn. It ruining my life, my self-esteem. I am embarrassed about myself. I hate myself and the way I live. Maybe make us work for our benefit income? How's that sound? Houses in more effluent areas on housing benefit is wrong, full stop. We do not deserve them if we haven't worked for them ourselves. Hope that all makes sense.

  • Ching

    almost 3 years ago


    My five sisters would never tolerate cheating partners because my mother had been cheated most of her marriage life.My two brothers on the other hand have inherited father's bad quality.