Wednesday 13 July


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Ban Irish Marching Season
For our first phone-in we’re crossing the Irish Sea to hear your thoughts on the latest round of marching season violence that has seen 22 coppers hospitalised since Monday. Every year the run-up to the 12th of July celebrations seems to end in trouble - and yet we still allow these so-called loyalists to wind up their catholic brothers and sisters, all in the name of tradition. Isn’t it time someone put a stop to all this nonsense?

We’ll hear what you have to say on that before it’s over to David for the rest of the headlines including an update on the phone hacking scandal.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: No Ivf For Stepmums
Then: no IVF for stepmums. I want to know what you the Nottingham woman denied a test tube tot on the NHS because she already has a stepson? This 33-year-old woman has never actually met her partner’s son, who’s 20, but health chiefs don’t care - because in some parts of the country a woman with a stepchild, but no sprog of her own, doesn’t qualify for IVF: her free go belongs to the woman who has neither her own child or a stepchild in her life. Is that fair?

Part 6: Killing Yourself For Your Kids
Then: killing yourself for your kids: Is it only Deputy PM Nick Clegg who, according to his wife, is doing himself in trying to combine work with childcare. Clegg busts a gut trying to do the school run or make it back for bath time while running the country. Is there too much pressure on breeders to do it all: bring home the bacon and be the perfect parent. Perhaps sometimes the kids the should take a back seat? Controversial!

Part 7: Has Collins Killed Corrie?
And finally: has Michelle Collins killed Coronation Street? If the tabloids are to be believed the answer’s Yes but I think that’s grossly unfair on the actress. Ludicrous plots and too many new characters are spoiling it for me.


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