Friday 15 July


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Part 1: Hellos and Menu

Part 2 & 3: Tee’d off by Open’s birdie ban?
First we’re gonna find out if any of you are tee’d off by the Open’s birdie ban: why has Britain's most prestigious golf tournament been award to a club that refuses to accept women members, won’t give them a vote and will only accept the fairer sex as paying visitors, charging them six times more than male members. Can you imagine if the Royal St George's treated black people as they do women? There’d be outrage! So does the game of golf need to pull its Pringle socks up?

We’ll hear what you have to say about that, before it’s over Dan for the rest of the headlines.

Part 4: Today’s papers

Part 5: Obesity: Can you be addicted to food? After that: we’re looking at a scientific report that says the root of obesity lies in an addiction to food. But how can you be addicted to something you’d die without? It’s not like booze or drugs or gambling - all of which we could happily live without. You’d die without food - but could certain foods trigger an addictive-type response in our brains? What kind of foods might do that I wonder?

Part 6: Too old to train?
Our final phone-in of the week asks if you can ever be too old to train? Do any of you find photos of 80-year-old Rupert Murdoch in his sweat pants upsetting? Or am I dimwit to think you should be taking it easy when you’re that old?

Part 7: Talking telly with Mike Ward
And finally: I’m gonna be talking telly with Daily Star critic Mike Ward. What have you got for us?


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