Thursday 28 July


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Public Outpourings Of Grief
First up: we’re going to examine the trend for public outpourings of grief. The thousands gathering quietly in Oslo versus the hundreds causing mayhem outside Amy Winehouse’s London pad - police were called in the other night - not to forget the legions who turned up to pay their respects to Princess Di. Anyone else wonder if such gatherings are healthy?

Pick up the phone and let us know - before we get the rest of the headlines from Christine.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Blame Branson For Backing Out Of Britain?
Then: do any of you think less of Sir Richard Branson now you know he’s moving part of his empire abroad to pay less tax? It’s only a tiny part of his business. But having chummed up to the royals and painted himself as some sort of people’s champion, shouldn’t he stand by the rest of us and pay his dues?

Part 6: Are Pet Bequests Barking?
Moving on, we’ll find out if anyone else thinks pet bequests are barking: fashionista Alexander McQueen left £50K to his three dogs. True, he also left £400K to charity - including two animal charities. But how can any sane person leave money to pets when people are starving?

Part 7: Is Nice The Nastiest Word?
And finally: Is nice the nastiest of words? Nice is not great, nice is not even good - nice is just bland and dull, isn’t it? It’s non-committal. Nobody dreams of being nice, do they, because if nice was a colour it’d be beige don't you think?


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