Thursday 16 August


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Do We Send Too Many People To University?
First up: Do we send too many people to university? A-level results are out today but high fees mean nearly one in 10 students is opting out, preferring to find a job rather than go to uni. Is that something we should celebrate? After all, almost half of recent graduates say that university didn't prepare them for the working world. And that's the ones who could find work. Or is going to university about more than just getting a good job?

After taking plenty of calls on that it's over to Anna for the rest of today's headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Irresponsible To Give Kids Booze?
Then: Is it irresponsible to give kids booze? A new study reckons the younger you introduce your children to alcohol, the more likely it is they’ll grow up to be problem drinkers, drug users, and have promiscuous sex. But most European countries let youngsters drink wine at the dinner table from an early age and they’ve got far fewer binge drinkers than us. So are you a bad parent if you give your child a tipple?

Part 6: Does Plastic Surgery Prey On The Vulnerable?
Moving on: Does plastic surgery prey on the vulnerable? In the wake of the PIP implant scandal, health chiefs are looking at ways to protect us from cowboy clinics - by banning buy-one-get-one-free offers and irresponsible ads, for example. Do you think there's a problem? If you're old enough to go under the knife, aren't you old enough to be making an informed decision? Or do authorities need to protect us from unscrupulous surgeons who prey on our insecurities?

Part 7: Why Can't British Men Dress For Summer?
And finally: Why don't British men know how to dress for summer? Whether it's Nick Clegg's sandals, David Cameron's work attire or Peter Stringfellow's budgie smugglers, it seems the sun scorches fellas' fashion philosophy. How should a man dress for summer - what are the dos and don'ts?


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Comments (2)

  • Michael

    over 1 year ago


    I think the difference is people in britain don't drink with meals as much as europe so they just consume alcohol, food absorbs alcohol and also people in hot countries know they dehydrate quick in the sun with too much alcohol.

  • Michael

    over 1 year ago


    I think universities are not there to learn about work its about learning and broadening your knowledge, the working world is completely different and requires a different set of attributes, although the knowledge you've gained can apply at work. I learnt how to use computers through school, college and university and at home, but I didn't learn them for work, I learn them for simply gaining knowledge and fun and it came in handy. However university is only for those who want to learn more and are more academic. Those who are more practical should be guided to apprenticeships or work training. Although work experience modules should be available. I think apprenticeships should be in all workplaces, as you earn money while learning a job/trade, but also there should be more starting at the bottom and working up schemes, and more employers should connect and offer training to school, college and university leavers as in my parents day. There seems to be a lack of connection. I can understand for law, medicine degrees but these lead to specific jobs, this should be more like an apprenticeship scheme as these are learning for a specific job, or certainly separate medicine degrees from those qualifications in medicine when it leads to specific jobs and careers as in doctors/nurses etc maybe with some form of payment after so many years. Employers should be much more involved with cv's etc, however I do think cv's are a waste of time for basic work and most till work, shelving, photocopying, data entry doesn't require prior knowledge. Three interviews a long application form and a cv is a bit much for shelving in Tesco! These jobs with a quick background check should be easily available. We have made many basic jobs difficult to obtain and many people just want a job to earn some money. I think we should worry if people cannot pick shelving up in 10mins, you learn any straighforward thing by doing it no amount of cv's application forms and job interviews shows how good or quick someone picks things up, you learn by doing and who applies for things they cannot do anyway? Cv's and interviews show how good people are at cv's and interviews infact you almost need a degree in how to write a cv, I don't understand how this is getting Britain working and moving