Wednesday 20 October


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It’s Axe Wednesday - half a million jobs will go. But maybe Ed Miliband’s right: we’d be better off if the coalition put up taxes? Plus do sperm donors deserve more respect than egg donors? Why? Coz they can’t have a drink for three months. And when it comes to class, do men marry up but head downmarket when they cheat? That’s the Wright Stuff.

First up: Should sperm donors earn more than egg donors? One fertility campaigner say Yes. Why? Well male donors might not have to undergo an intrusive and medical procedure as you girls do, but they do have to go without a drink or sex for three months! What a sacrifice!

We’ll have a word on that before handing over to Nigel for the paper review.

Our first phone in: As it’s Axe Wednesday, a good time to ask if you’re happy with the coalition’s plan for big cuts in public spending. Broadly speaking, to clear our debts, the coalition’s looking at a 70% cut in public spending matched to a 30% rise in taxes. Whereas Labour reckons a 60% per cent cut in spending paired with a 40% rise in taxes would achieve the same result but protect more jobs. So big cuts or higher taxes? Anyone got a preference?

After that: An interesting take on social class: Do men prefer to marry up the social ladder but when it comes to cheating do they go downmarket? David Arquette married Courtney Cox - classy - but cheated with a waitress - not so classy. Tiger Woods, Wayne Rooney - they’ve both done the same, kind of like Lady Chatterley but in reverse. But why? Do fellas like to play it safe when they wed but wanna get down and dirty when they cheat?

And finally: Does no one care if boys have long hair? When I was at school growing your hair was an act of rebellion. You got caned if you refused to get it cut. Now you see long hair on boys as young as three or four. They’re too young to be rock and roll rebels. So mum and dad must be living their fantasies thru them, right?

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