Tuesday 9 November

Wendi Peters - Tuesday 9 November

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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Today’s Top Story
After the break: Do you and me the public have a right to know what pubilc sector workers earn? The coalition is to publish teachers’ salaries so the rest of us can see if they’re giving value for money. Is that fair?

After that it’s Wendi with the rest of the headlines.

Part 4: Water Way To Save Lives!
Our first phone in: Water way to save lives. George W Bush reckons waterboarding terror suspects saved British lives by averting atrocities here. Does that change how you feel about torture? Waterboarding - that’s simulated drowning to you sir - is considered torture by Britain but was a legitimate interrogation technique used by the US. What’s the point of signing up to the Geneva Convention if we use intel gathered by torturers abroad? We’ll hear your thoughts on that first.

Part 5: Stay Silent About Partner’s Affair?
After that: If you discovered your other half was cheating, would you keep quiet about that to save your relationship? This guy’s written to an agony aunt saying he’s terrified of telling his missus he knows she’s cheating in case she ends their marriage. What do we think about that? Have any of you done the same?

Part 6: Exposed On Line For A Free Hotel Bed
Would you take up the offer of a free hotel room if the only catch was everything you did inside would end up on the world wide web? A new hotel chain plans to offer punters just that opportunity - but will they get any takers?


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  • Patrice

    over 3 years ago


    Hi there i would act on all information, as i feel terrorism is not only based on bombings. a lot of the acts of propaganda is brain washing about religion, the way the west live their lives and do not worship the way they do, we are classed as infidels, and should be killed unless we live our lives the way they see fit. so not 100% based on war it all started over religion xx

  • sam

    over 3 years ago


    And what if that person being water boarded was your child and they were innocent with no information? The more terror we use the more people will fight back - we have taken so much from them, i.e. their children murdered in-front of them, come on thats going to drive anyone to violence!

  • graham cherritt

    over 3 years ago

    graham cherritt

    what ever the rights and wrongs,we have to get info to protect our own,pick a side mathew or maybe you already have,we have to rely on our secret sevices,dont you see that.

  • john

    over 3 years ago


    Waterboarding - if your child was being held captive and the only way to find out where before they are killed - would you be against waterboarding?

  • terence winn

    over 3 years ago

    terence winn

    Mathew, I have to comment about this much debated link between crime and drugs, and the govts insistence that by tackling drugs and community punishments, money will be saved by not having to send people to prison. As a serving prison officer, i can confirm that many people i lock up have drugs problems, but, having the benefit of having chatted to many of them, i can also state that for many of them they started taking drugs, after they began offending!and that greed and poverty continue to be the main cause of aquisitive crime. Oh yes and on the subject of public sector pay as a prison officer of 15 years service i am on the top tier of pay earning 28936 per year. Many people would not even wish to hear what i have to do to earn that.