Wednesday 10 November

Aled Jones - Wednesday 10 November

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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Today’s Top Story
After the break: Your money or your health? Scotland’s dropped plans to slap a minimum price on booze. Why? Because it’ll hit the poorest hardest. But is that a good enough reason when experts claim just such a policy would save thousands of lives, many of them poorer folk.

We’ll have a word on that before Aled leads us through the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Addicted To Praise
Our first phone in: Have we become addicted to praise in this country? It starts with child-rearing experts and their mantra of positive reinforcement and ends with us grown-ups endlessly seeking the approval of others. Has all this positivity made criticism harder to take? Do you long to hear others tell you how clever you are, how slim look, how gorgeous that dress is? Do you feel let down if you don’t get their approval? Are you addicted to praise? Don’t be shy - pick up the phone.

Part 5: Cool For Dads To Miss 7th Baby’s Birth?
After that: Do dads have to be at every birth or can you start giving them a swerve after you’ve popped out baby number four? No? What about number seven? Football legend John Barnes seems to think so. He’s been slated this week for missing the birth of his seventh sprog, Alexander. Why? So he could do a bit of soccer punditry. Fair play to the guy I say - but what about you?

Part 6: Women: Better Taste Than Men?
And finally: A new series of BBC3’s Mad About The House kicked off last night with blokes being given free rein to redecorate the pads they share with their other halves. Is any woman who leaves their fella in charge of the home decor asking for trouble though? When it comes to style - whether it be decorating the house or choosing their wardrobe - don’t women have better taste than men?


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