Wednesday 1 December


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Today’s Top Story
How much more should the boss earn than the lowest paid on the team? One think tank reckons public sector bosses should earn no more than 20 times the lowest pay grade. Does that sound about right to you? Could a similar rule ever be applied in the private sector?

Following a brief natter on that, it’s over to Hayley for the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Is Welsh Uni Fees Scheme Racist?
Our first phone-in: Welsh students are to have their tuition fees subsidised by the welsh assembly no matter where they study. But English students who go to welsh universities won’t. Scottish students don’t have to pay a penny either so long as they study north of the border. The Daily Mail is outraged: it’s educational apartheid the paper thunders this morning? Is it? Or is this just democracy in action?

Part 5: Stay-At-Home Mum? But Kids Are In School!
After that: Can you really call yourself a stay-at-home mum if your kids are at school all day? The mums who work on this show are outraged. Women who make such claims make the rest of us look bad, they shriek. Those women aren’t stay at home mums - they’re slackers. Oh, really - what do you say to that?

Part 6: I Want My Sexy Photos Back!
And finally: I want my sexy photos back! If you’ve split from a lover do you have the right to ask for any saucy photos and videos you made together to be returned? Legally they belong to the person that took them. If you’ve been in just this fix we’d love to hear from you. What happened?


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