Thursday 27 October


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Automatic Jail For Knife Teens
We’re going to kick off by getting your thoughts on ConDem plans to lock up any 16 or 17-year-old caught using a knife in a threatening way for a minimum of two months? Would that deter young people from packing a blade? There are claims as many as one in four teenagers go about tooled up.

After hearing your thoughts on that - and it would be great to hear from any teenagers watching on this, it’s over to Russell for the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Is Rape Campaign Anti-Men?
Then: I want your thoughts on this anti-rape campaign that some think is funny but others claim paints all men as would be rapists. Will lines like if you help a woman whose car has broken down, remember not to rape her lead to fewer sex attacks? If not, what’s the point of the online campaign?

Part 6: Don’t Meddle In My Love-Life Mum!
Moving on, some say mothers know best - but even if they do, should they keep their noses out of their children’s love-lives? If you’ve been watching big brother, Faye has broken up with housemate lover Aaron because she knows her mum doesn’t like him. Any of you ever been in a fix like that?

Part 7: Cruise Thru Uni With Jane Mcdonald
And finally: what would you tell the undergraduate too embarrassed to tell his chums he’s a massive Jane McDonald fan? Should he play her hits when his mates come around or keep that guilty pleasure all to himself?

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Comments (10)

  • Ella

    over 2 years ago


    They've all missed the point. The point of that poster is to prevent victim blaming not to prevent rape it's self.

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  • angel

    over 2 years ago


    My son has been falsely accused of rape and I am appalled at the way he has been treated - he feels as though he is guilty until proven otherwise and is worried sick he is going to be prosecuted for something he hasn't done and yet the so-called victim is waltzing around getting on with her life acting like nothing has happened she is following family members around in the street verbally abusing them - almost as if she is trying to provoke a reaction to strengthen her claim and there is not a damn thing we can do about it because the investigation appears to be heavily biased in favour of the so-called victim!!! I cannot comprehend what real victims of this appalling crime go through either at the time of the attack or when trying to get on with their lives afterwards and I welcome any campaign which helps the real victims of rape but not one that treats all males as potential rapists and anyone they come into contact with as potential victims - that is just as offensive and unacceptable to me as what my son is going through at the moment!!!

  • Tony B

    over 2 years ago

    Tony B

    Im am at a lose as to why Matthew appeard to agree with the young man's comment on todays program 27/10/20011 That because of the lack of Youth club's is the reason for carring a knife. TAB

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  • Anon

    over 2 years ago


    I am a young girl and I have been attacked and sexually assaulted by men on the street three times. I now carry a knife because I am terrified this will happen again. I can't afford a car so I have no choice but to walk the streets. I now avoid going out alone but when I have no other choice I get very anxious and have panic attacks.

  • carol

    over 2 years ago


    carol my boys have been allowed to wittle with knives in our back garden. you have made me aware that i should make sure they understand that they can do this only at home and not the local park.

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  • Jo

    over 2 years ago


    There should be more self defence classes for young people who live in high risk areas. The right skills could save more lives and stop people from carrying knives for so-called protection.