Tuesday 29 November


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Does Oil Cash Stain British Art?
Should the Tate Britain gallery break its sponsorship deal with BP? Some artists think it should because the petrol giant, blamed for last year’s deepwater horizon disaster, is hurting the planet in the quest for profits. For its part, BP’s apologised for past mistakes. It gives £1m to British art. So, what’s the problem?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Anthony for the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Drive OAPs Off The Road!
85 per cent of us think older drivers should resit their tests while a quarter of young drivers think they should be forced to hang up their keys for good at 75. While it’s true old age drivers have more accidents, they tend to be the trivial ones, little bumps and scrapes. We’re living longer - don’t you fancy driving when you’re a grey hair?

Part 6: Video Games: Worse For Kids Than Tv?
Are video games worse for kids than TV? A new study suggests the opposite is true: gamers are less likely to develop heart disease than those who simply gawp at the gogglebox. I guess its all the thumb wiggling - but physical exercise is only part of the story. What do games do to children’s minds?

Part 7: What’s The Point Of E-Cards?
They maybe free to buy, free to send and do all kinds of trick animated stuff when you open them. But do they show you care?


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Comments (5)

  • Max Nottingham

    over 2 years ago

    Max Nottingham

    Maichael can really write. Make a film of it.

  • Helen

    over 2 years ago


    It seems beautiful Kirsty spans all generations. Today someone in their 80s said they liked her, but so does my one year old son! Every time she comes on screen, he stops what he's doing and looks at her, and even toddles over to the screen to see her. He watches the Wright Stuff every day and has done all his short life. Love the programme, I watch it while doing my morning running around.

  • Michael

    over 2 years ago


    I would agree with one of the panelists who said people do have to take personal responsibility when it comes to driving whether they are old or young or whatever age. I don't think its right to tar all old people as I am sure there are many who can drive perfectly well. I have autoimmune condition and I was just incapable of driving especially with the nervousness and anxiety that comes with it, so it would be wrong for me to inflict danger on the roads. i have a pass that covers the entire west midlands county and all the supermarkets are next to bus stops. I know my local bus has hardly anyone on but it drops right next to a supermarket so its wrong for people to say there is no transport in the conurbations. I would agree there is totally a lack of public transport in rural areas but rather than everyone hopping in a car wouldn't it be better to get good local rural transport? I travelled from Birmingham to Ludlow for a £5 return by bus. A bus holds 70 people roughly and if 70 people all got in individual cars that would be 70 cars blocking roads. Wouldn't there be less traffic? Wouldn't it also be better for people to live and work in the same area as they used to. In the 1950's everybody by us worked in local firms and fewer people had cars meaning less resource waste and still better local economies. Build better local economies rather than relying on imports all the time. Loads of people got stuck in the heavy snow a year ago and mostly because they couldn't get from where they lived to work as they lived too far away. This would help boost the economy and make sure it runs in bad weather and build good communities in the process. Also why aren't more people who are younger helping their elderly relatives with shopping etc. I think it is my duty to help my parents. My dad drives but has diabetes and even with a car doesn't go out much. Where's the post offices and local shops etc so elderly people in rural areas can go to local community centres, shops etc. I do get fed up people thinking if you haven't a car you are not independent, I am and getting from A to B is no problem although this would be harder in a more rural area. Again oil doesn't last forever we will need to find alternatives anyway and again people if they didnt have to travel so much and wouldn't use up so much oil or if things such as vegetables were produced locally they wouldn't need to eat up oil transporting things. Cheers

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  • John Palliser Patriot Art

    over 2 years ago

    John Palliser Patriot Art

    Please, Please don,t tar all artist as tree huggers and hand ringers art reflets life in full an artist paints because he has to it our passion money is only a means to an end and theirs no reason why money should not be paid by BP after all their money came from us in the first place