Monday 18 February


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Part 1 - Hellos

Part 2/3 - Anonymity For Sex Attack Suspects?
First up: Should sex attack suspects remain anonymous until they’re convicted? That’s the view of one of the country’s top lawyers, who says false allegations can ruin lives. But rape charities say giving rapists the same anonymity as victims would stop women from coming forward. We already have an appalling record, with five in six rapes going unreported. Would anonymity for attackers make things even worse?

Part 5 - Ban Junk Food Adverts Before 9pm?
Then: Should we ban junk food adverts before the 9pm watershed? Doctors reckon such a move would curb soaring obesity rates. They say reducing fatty, salty or sugary food firms’ marketing would help us kick our unhealthy habits in the same way the ban on cigarette ads helped reduced smoking. But is this really the answer to tackling our increasing waistlines? What about taking personal responsibility for the food we eat?

Part 6 - Are PE Lessons Too Easy On Kids?
Moving on: are PE lessons too easy on kids? School inspectors reckon sports lessons feature too much talking and not enough running around, not to mention a lack of competition. But do we really want to hark back to the days of sadistic PE teachers ordering nippers to run cross country in the snow and less able kids being left on the bench?

Part 7 - Is Harrison Too Old To Play Han Solo?
And finally: Is Harrison Ford too old to play Han Solo? The actor’s signed up to play the Space Cowboy in the new Star Wars movie out in 2015, but he’ll be 73 by then. We’ve got Arnie, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis still kicking butt despite nearing pension age. Is this a victory for oldies? Or should these guys hang up their guns and let the next generation have a go?


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