Tuesday 1 March

Neil Stuke - Tuesday 1st March

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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Today’s Top Story: School Place Crisis
What’s the best way to allocate school places? Today’s the day hundreds of thousands of you will discover if your sprog have got into your first choice school. One in six parents are going to be disappointed. Is that just their tough luck? How could the system be made fairer? entrance exams? A lottery? Build better schools? Or should we press on with the current system that’s as unwieldy and unforgiving as Nick Clegg’s controversial Alternative Voting system. All ideas welcome!

After that it’s Neil with the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Is Cheap Car Insurance For Women Sexist?
Is it sexist to offer women cheaper car insurance? All the stats tell us women are safer drivers than men. And yet later today Europe is expected to bar insurance companies from offering women cheaper deals because that’s sexist. Sexism versus safety? Has Europe got its priorities wrong?

Part 6: What’s Clever About Failing Maths?
Why do so many of us boast about our inabilities to do even the most basic sums? And yet we wouldn’t be half so keen to admit we struggled with our reading and our writing. What does that tell us about the way we view maths? That it’s uncool? Geeky? Something you’re either born to do or you ain’t?

Part 7: Tinted Moisturiser: Greatest Invention Ever?
Is tinted moisturiser the greatest invention of all time? It can make even the most washed out, unhealthy-looking white person glow with health. And yet it’s not strong enough to make you look like you’ve been tango-ed. Or is it?


  • Wed 2 Mar

    Actor Tom Chambers joins Matthew in the studio.


  • Mon 28 Feb

    Stand-up comic Andi Osho joins the discussion.

  • Fri 25 Feb

    Matthew is joined by Stefan Gates.

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Comments (6)

  • Janet de Burgh

    3 years ago

    Janet de Burgh

    When women get equal pay is the time for equal car insurance payments

  • Ron

    3 years ago


    One of the main problems with schools is Teacher discipline. Some teachers can command and control a class but others sadly cannot. My grandson has just started taking his GCSE course and finds some classes so disruptive he considered them a waste of time. There are times when Part-time teachers are involved who just mumble on through the noise incapable of controling the class. We have to get rid of these unruly children and be fair to the ones who want to learn, aswell as helping the teachers to gain more control. Come on "Dept of Education" these problems have gone on far too long.

  • Julian Parkin

    3 years ago

    Julian Parkin

    Whilst statistically women are safer I feel that most women are becoming either too aggressive or are too nervous behind the wheel. I think the emphasis should be taken away from wether the driver is male or female and should be put onto the standard of teaching and if the driver is ready to pass a test. They should introduce a similar compulsory training that bikers do which is done off the public highway before having on road lessons. There are rules in place that mean you can be fined and/or get points on your license if your view is obstructed in anyway and yet some women wear hats or other head gear such as Burka's that interfere with their ability to see. Granted this is a seperate issue but it does tie in. I feel the whole car insurance system is bogus... women drivers should be rewarded for being statistcally safer, but no one should be penalised for people who refuse to obtain insurance or drive without a license as its not their fault. My partner is a woman driver of 3 years and feels the same way as me about this.

  • Derek

    3 years ago


    I'm a bloke with fair skin. However I have vitiligo, where patches of skin on my face and elsewhere, including my hands, have no pigment , and are deathly white and show as distinct patches against my normal skin. Therefore putting tinted moisturer on my white bits, and keeping it off my normal pigmented skin, is a real blessing, as it evens my skin colour up.

  • Michelle

    3 years ago


    I think the insurance increase is a ridiculous idea, insurance should be quoted on an individual basis not split on to male and female catergres not all men/ women are dangerous drivers just because statistics show they could be, I am 22 and have been driving 5 years and I haven't claimed on my insurance for anything other than A chip in my windscreen! It's unfair that for people who our the same as me are going to be charged an extra 25% on our insurance how our we all going to afford that, our wages haven't even gone up since the vat went up, there's no way the wages are going to increase for us to be able to afford this! It is completely unfair for someone like me to be paying for someone else's mistakes!

  • Stuart ball

    3 years ago

    Stuart ball

    I think women and men should b equal as there used to be men doing everything now u get women doing the man work so i think equalalty is a big go go