Monday 12 March


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Team Gb’s “Plastic” Brits
For our first phone-in: the row over so-called plastic Brits in team GB. Do you have a problem with the fact our ladies’ Olympic triple jumper has previously represented Cuba and Sudan? Or the fact our athletics captain was born in America and failed to recite one line of god save the queen in front of the press at the weekend. Both women have connections to the UK. Shouldn’t that be enough to satisfy their critics?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Andy for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Work: Sick On Hols? Get More Time Off!
Moving on: If you work hard for your two weeks in the sun but then get sick while you’re away should your boss give you extra time off? Yes says Europe - it’s not fair you or your family should be deprived of your leisure time. But changing the law would just double the pressure on our already over stretched businesses. What do you say?

Part 6: Should Parents Feed Fat Kids Less Than Thin?
Then I want to know if parents should feed their kids different meals according to their size? Nutritionists say you should feed the fatter child less than the thinner child. But psychologists counsel against this because they reckon separate dishes would only further isolate and damage the problem child. So what would you do?

Part 7: Did the 70s Suck?
And finally: Did the 70s suck? Everyone seems to think they did so am I alone in having mainly wonderful memories of the decade style forgot? Abigail’s party suggests it was all about bad food, horrendous home interiors and nasty class battles. It wasn’t that bad was it?

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Comments (3)

  • Michael

    2 years ago


    The point for me is if anyone can represent anywhere then why have national borders. I have an irish dad and english mom, however i was born in england and brought up culturally and ethnically english so no i wouldnt want represent ireland. I disagree if i was born in germany i would be german, i wouldnt be, i would be nationally german but ethnically different. I could represent britain or ireland, but i think it is about loyalty, what you feel. Many of these athletes have no connection and i would question loyalty if they are switching countries. I think if you have a grandparent then that is more tentitive unless all your grandparents come from that country. I think it is down to what you feel ethnically but also if you are born and have been schooled and trained in britain. Many people who have been born abroad represented britain do have family connections. I disagree with the british work ethic personally anyway as europe has a different work ethic. A holiday is leisure being sick is not leisure. British employers take advantage of british workers anyway and are treated badly which is why my employees feel no loyalty and cannot wait for holidays. I agree being paid holiday pay is not a good thing or sick pay, as only when your working should you be paid or if you are at a lower rate than normal pay, but i agree people should be given time off if they are sick, to stop germs spreading, help productivity etc. sick workers are less productive, make misrakes etc. i think its not a persons fault if they get ill and often a lot are ill through no fault of their own. If british businesses were better organised and treated people better then people wouldnt want to keep skivving. The work ethic here and in america treat work first, people second and still we have ended up in a global crisis. Pushing people to work harder and longer hasnt equally better families, communities, achieving more infact it has just meant richer bosses and tired worker. Anybody can have an ideal world if they want. Germany is more productivity and treats people better, cheers.

  • George, Glasgow

    2 years ago

    George, Glasgow

    Call me old fashioned, but I think borders are there for a reason and if you are born in that country, you represent that country and no other! I don't even think it should go back to parentage. If you are the child of a service family and are born in Germany, you are German. Dual nationality ? How can you be born in two different countries? And what about the born in Britain triple jumpers who cannot get into the team for the Plastic Brits?? PS- Denise Sussex- John Barnes was born in Jamaica

  • Alun

    2 years ago


    I do not have an issue with any overseas sports person representing this country. However once they they have represented one country they should not be able to swap to another. This does send out a negative message to aspiring competitors of the future