Thursday 26 May

Leah Bracknell - Thursday 16 May

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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Should Anti-Abortionists Advise Government?
Should an anti-abortion group be advising the government on sexual health? “Life”- a group that is against all abortion and promotes abstinence - are to influence sex education initiatives in place of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. But should a group which opposes a woman’s right to choose be given such power? Or is a tougher stance on sexual health just what Britain needs?

I’m sure we’ll be taking plenty of your calls on that, and then it’ll be over to Leah for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Can You Raise A Gender Free Child?
One Canadian couple are keeping their baby’s sex a secret, saying they want to release him- or her- from the constraints society imposes on the sexes. But is this political correctness gone mad? Or do you take your hat off to them for freeing their child from the pressure of society’s gender stereotyping?

Part 6: Is Happiness Unattractive?
Apparently women prefer a mean and moody man because they find them more powerful and masculine - whereas fellas like to date little Miss Sunshine. Would you take a grinning fool over a misery guts? Or is there nothing more grating than Mister Brightside?

Part 7: Are Atheists Better In Bed?
Apparently non-believers outperform religious sorts in the sack, because they’re free of guilt from God above. But aren’t these free and easy atheists missing out on just how good it feels to be bad? Does the fear of upsetting him upstairs put you off your stride?


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