Friday 1 June


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Too Quick To Save Seriously Ill Oaps?
First up: Are doctors to quick to save seriously ill, seriously old patients? A new study has found many elderly folk are even being resuscitated against their wishes. Are doctors putting their desire to save lives ahead of the patient’s right to dignified death? Maybe one of your loved ones has been put through such a trauma - if so we’d love to hear from you.

Part 4: Today’s Paper

Part 5: Putting Personal Bias Aside?
How many of you could do what beleaguered culture secretary Jeremy Hunt did, and put strong personal feelings aside when asked to sit in judgement on something. Maybe you hated this young man you worked with but then your daughter started dating him? Or you’ve been asked to judge a footie match your lad was playing in - how hard is it to play fair when you’ve got a vested interest?

Part 6: Downer On Downloads
Then: they’re outselling CDs but am I alone in having a downer on music downloads? I know they’re convenient and don’t take up much in the way of space but aren’t MP3 buyers ultimately missing out?

Part 7: Talking Telly With Kevin O'sullivan
And finally we'll be talking telly with Sunday Mirror critic Kevin O'Sullivan.
REVIEWS: Springwatch, Panorama’s insight into racism in football, Coronation Street and the last instalment of 56Up.
PREVIEWS: Gary Barlow’s Jubilee tribute On Her Majesty’s Service, and Five’s Marco Peirre White’s Kitchen Wars


  • Mon 4 Jun

    Presented by Matthew Wright who's joined by Aaron Allard-Morgan, the winner of last year's Big Brother.


  • Thu 31 May

    Doctor Dawn Harper joins Matthew to talk about her Channel 4 series Embarrassing Bodies.

  • Wed 30 May

    Topical debate show presented by Matthew Wright.

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  • Proper prog fan

    almost 2 years ago

    Proper prog fan

    One could spend all day correcting the errata in this section,but anyone past primary school age confused by common homophones like THERE,THEIR&THEY'RE and TO,TOO&TWO is a DISGRACE!

  • wozza1968

    almost 2 years ago


    all our governments and judges are just looking after themselfs , as they have always done and will always do ,,,,we need change as our system is to let our polititions and judges do what ever they want,,and answer to no 1

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  • Arissa

    almost 2 years ago


    In Asian families boys are expected to live with there parents even after they get married and also take care of elderley parents too within the family home.There is usually no pressure from parents for the children to move out unless they choose to do so.