Friday 14 September


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Should Youtube Pull Anti-Muslim Movie?
First up: Should YouTube pull an anti-Muslim movie, which has triggered violent riots in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and Tunisia. The internet giant says Innocence of Muslims doesn’t contravene any of its broadcast policies. Christians had to deal with the mickey-taking Life of Brian which many thought was blasphemous. Do my Muslim brothers and sisters have to do the same here? Would pulling the film be an assault on free speech?

We’ll take plenty of calls on this before it’s over to Simon for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Work Harder Coz You’re Black
After that: I want to know if an education official was wrong to allegedly tell an 11-year-old black boy that he’s going to have to work harder in life because of his colour. His mum reckons that’s a racist slur - is it?

Part 6: Your Brat’s Stained My Carpet!
Our last phone-in of the week: if your tot spilled some of nail varnish on a pal’s carpet how would you react if they asked you to pay for it to be cleaned up? What if they gave you a bill for £300? Or is it your fault for allowing a three year old to muck about in your home without being properly supervised?

Part 7: Talking Telly With Kevin O’sullivan
And finally: we're going to talk telly with Sunday Mirror critic Kevin O’Sullivan. We’ll be looking at:
Dragon’s Den; Be Your Own Boss; LilyHammer; Paddy and Sally’s Excellent Gypsy Adventure, EastEnders Alfie discovers Kat’s affair; Downton Abbey S3.


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Comments (13)

  • omidmankooauthr

    over 1 year ago


    Firstly, the mother who was speaking on the phone, was not allowed to properly voice her thoughts. Thus her actual thoughts remain a mystery. however it could be that she was saying: CREATE AND FORM SOCIETY AS OPPOSED TO JUST SIMPLY FOLLOW THE NORM. details: If ione simply states "THIS IS HOW LIFE IS" one simply misses the point that life is acreative process. We as individuals have the abili9t yto shape the future, not simply be a mold of the past. by working just enough, not more than any other person, the black individual states by his actions that he is equal, and speaks loud and clear that he expects to be treated equal to others. There are two perspectives, and both are correct. 1. there are prehudices out there, and it is good to be awae of them 2. prejudices are there, however, we can educate others and make positive changes in society to thsoe individuals who have a chance of changing.

  • ella

    over 1 year ago


    Although i am not disagreeing with the idea our society is, or still believes in a well, racist way of life.... I believe that Rosa is wrongly accused of being misled on the subject. At no point did she state that the prejudice was something out of the ordinary, only that it were wrong of the truancy officer to have said it. Whether or not somebody of a different ethnicity would be at a disadvantage in the working economy, I think to continue to preach this is an idiotic and ignorant act. Why drill such an unfair way of thinking/living into an 11 year old boy, or any other non- white British children. Surely, if we as a community really believe this is how it is and that it is WRONG, then why are we not starting to try and change it? By simply starting with the younger generation, telling them that we are all equal..... 30 years from now that is exactly how everybody will think. I also add that i believe anybody of another ethnicity to believe it is a normality for them to be just below white people is upsetting and again, wrong. Almost as though you are accepting it as... dare i go as far to say 'lucky' to be living amongst white people. Acceptant of the fact you are below them. I say this as it is how it is coming across.. and for somebody to say that "its just the way society is" and then NOT agree that they are acceptant to being inferior is where i would bring in the word misled. A black person is no different to a white person other than in appearance. They are at no mental or physical disadvantage, therefore to treat them as if they were is shameful. That's my opinion on the matter anyway.... What did Martin Luther-King work toward? EQUALITY. Not "almost-equality"

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  • Crumple

    over 1 year ago


    Had the panel been told to not mention the innocent lives already taken over the "film"

  • Michael

    over 1 year ago


    Sorry but is total nonsense to say black people are not getting things because they are disadvantaged, sorry where is the disadvantage exactly? It is highly unlikely employers won't employ people just because they are a certain colour or ethnicity or religion or disability (non hiring simply because someone hates a group of people who being who they are), most of the non-employment is mainly to do with the fact people are scarred to employ people because if they have to get rid of them because they are not doing their job properly people might be accused of racism. Yes ok, many people have prejudices but you certainly dont fight them prejudices by tellign your child everyone in britain is inherantly racist so they end up by not even trying. People are constantly picked on if they stand out, I was as I had neurological problems in walking and tremors but I certainly didn't think society was against me, I stood up and showed them I am just as good as they are and learnt to walk and talk better. People were not against me per se, they just didn't understand what it was and were ignorant. But I didn't blame society. I would say people who are mentally and physically disabled are disadvantged as they are not able to do things others can do, ethnic minorities are not disadvantages per se most can do what everyone else can so they can set up their own businesses and be successful that way if they feel people are against them. But no-one is barred from shops, told they cannot learn anything like some countries. People are not anti-anyone, most of the annoyance is against certain inconsistencies in society, people feeling one group is treated better than another etc, this is what leads to hatred of people not people hate someone for who they are, this is much rarer nowadays.

  • Kim

    over 1 year ago


    Good Morning! I dont think that the friend should have to pay for the damage for the carpet even though it would be polite of her to offer to pay. The owner of the carpet in the other hand should not ask for payment or even accept the payment for the damaged carpet accidents happen!! Dont understand the education people have now a days!! Its sad.


    over 1 year ago


    so what happen to my other post ????? WOW it because am black WOOOWW good thin i got a copy


    over 1 year ago


    because `is am black`` wait for post to go on ????


    over 1 year ago


    ISLAM ISLAM STOP THIS NOW ?? WHY LET TALK ABOUT This person wrote this book about slavery in Islamic states. John Alembillah Alembillah Azumah The book is called Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue When doing research on African slavery I came across this video and was surprised about the slave trade in the Middle East, especially around North Africa. While slavery only lasted 3 centuries in the west, it has lasted 14 centuries in the Middle East and exists today in many Muslim countries. He explains the book in this short video and it is very interesting. It explains that when Arab slave traders would raid black villages to the south they would kill the adults and kidnap the children. The boy children were indoctrinated into an Islamic army for the Arabs and the girls were taken as household and sex slaves. FREEDOM OF MY MIND IS CALL SPEECH FOR WHAT YOU DID ISLAM TALK ABOUT THAT . A very interesting history of black African slave trade and the Muslim Arab world. People need to know this history,

  • Oktawian

    over 1 year ago


    Work Harder Coz You’re West Europe imigrant ? Yes and noone care about this...

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  • Cathy

    over 1 year ago


    No it should not be removed the same as The Life of Brian was stll shown thats equality.

  • saika

    over 1 year ago


    RE: the anti-islam film. innocence of muslims. i have not watched it and i am not interested, however certain panelists keep talking about freedom of speech but where are the limits. if there are no boundaries on insulting people and their religion, maybe our children in the school playground will learn the idea of free speech to bullly and hurt other children by calling insulting names etc. this movie is inciting hatred and should be removed.