Friday 15 February


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Hellos & Part 1

Part 2/3 - Kick Poor Families Out Of The Capital?
First up: Several London councils are planning to kick thousands of poorer families out of the capital. From the summer, welfare payments will be limited to £500 a week per household, meaning larger families, or those living in expensive areas will no longer be able to afford the rent. Brent council has already bought up property in Hertfordshire to move families into. Is that fair? It’ll save £290m a year. And it’ll mean workless households will no longer be able to live in swanky areas working folk can’t afford. But is it wrong to uproot people from their communities?

Part 5 - Teach Kids To Be Workplace Backstabbers?
After which I’m asking, should parents, and even schools, teach kids that getting ahead in life isn’t necessarily about being bright and working hard? Oliver’s book, Office Politics, claims, career-wise, nice guys don’t win. Those who climb the greasy pole are either ruthless, manipulative psychos, or people who’ve developed the skills to deal with those types. So should we teach kids to suck up to their boss, flatter their employees, cover up mistakes and self-promote like there’s no tomorrow?

Part 6 - Baby Ravers
For our last phone in of the week we're gonna find out how many of you have a problem with taking a four-month-old to a rave? Sarah-Jane Hulme from north Wales has apologised after she took little Django to watch his older sister's drum n' bass group perform - but did she really have anything to say sorry for? He was wearing ear defenders. He slept through the whole thing. On the continent they take babies to festivals - why not in Aberystwyth?

Part 7 - Talking Telly With Kevin O’Sullivan
And finally: we'll be talking telly with Sunday Mirror critic Kevin O’Sullivan.


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Comments (7)

  • Sue Hall

    1 year ago

    Sue Hall

    Many sick and disabled people are being deemed fit for work despite evidence from their GPs and Consultants. These people are being forced to work on the work programme as well.

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  • gra Howard

    1 year ago

    gra Howard

    I cannot believe the ignorance of people who sit in their ivory towers where they can't be touched by the suffering of others. Amongst those being targeted are many who have worked and are still working . This is social cleansing at it worst. Get a job !! change the record there are no jobs. Don't believe me have a wander into a Jobcentre and look. In fact I wish redundancy on all those in favour of this government.

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  • Bria Thomas

    1 year ago

    Bria Thomas

    Good afternoon Mathew, We love your programme; best show on the box definitely! There is nothing wrong with moving people on benefits out of expensive areas if it is done sympathetically. However it is probably being done to get "undesirables" out of posh parts of London and offloading them on to others; out of sight out of mind in the same way that Thatcher tried to hide beggars and vagrants . Who will want to take on board such people? The residents of the leafy suburbs of Surrey and Oxfordshire no doubt!. Should there not be a cap on the rent that private landlords can charge people on benefits? Why should we as tax payers be lining the pockets of some very wealthy and ruthless landlords? Would it however not be better to put some effort into finding work for those people first and then move them to wherever the jobs are? Another hare set running by the government to prevent us focusing on the downward spiral that the economy is following since wonder boy Cameron and his cronies got elected with the full support of those honest brokers -The Murdoch family. Is there a Scottish conspiracy here with these old clan names occupying such positions of power?

  • W.H

    1 year ago


    We could have relied on help from the government but we didnt, we left our commnity, some family & all our friends & moved miles away so that my husband would have a job, if you & your family want to survive you just have to make some sacrifices.

  • mslexus

    1 year ago


    re: housing the government have realised too late, they have let too many foreigners in the country but not too work. Now we have no properties left because they come with their 4-5 children in tow. Why did they not adopt Australia's, Thailand's regime long ago. It is so hard to get into their countries. Why do other countries not have this problem. So annoyed with the Government. Now they want to take everything back from the poor.