Friday 15 June


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Tagging: Game Over?
First up: is it game over for electronic tagging? 60 per cent of criminals with tags to monitor their behaviour break their curfew. They’re not punished, and some even see the tag as a badge of honour. So is it time for a re-think of a scheme that costs £100m a year? True, it’s cheaper than locking people up, but what about the cost to society of the crimes committed by the tagged lags roaming the streets unchecked?

After taking your calls on that it’s over to Katy for the rest of today's headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Are Wind Farm Nimbys Selfish?
After that: are wind farm nimbys selfish? If you’re opposed to having a wind farm on your doorstep are you guilty of putting your own happiness before the needs of the country. We’re running out of fossil fuels - your grandkids might have to live in a world where coal and gas are a precious commodity. So how can you justify not wanting wind turbines in your back yard - when not having them could jeopardise both the planet and your childrens’ futures?

Part 6: Is An Affair Proof Your Husband Loves You?
Then: Is an affair proof your husband loves you? A new book reckons men cheat, not because they don’t love their partners, but because they do. He’s not leaving you, after all, just fulfilling his physical needs elsewhere - and if he still loves you, he’ll come back. Sound absurd to you? If you think there’s something in it, give us a call.

Part 7: Talking Telly With Mike Ward
And finally we'll be talking telly with Daily Star and Daily Express TV critic Mike Ward. What have you got for us this morning Mike?
REVIEWS: Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights, Coronation Street, Extraordinary People: The Girl with 90 per cent Burns.
PREVIEWS: Big Brother eviction tonight, Secrets of our Living Past, True Love.

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Comments (6)

  • Max Nottingham

    almost 2 years ago

    Max Nottingham

    I like Matthew. He does laugh a lot. But he also makes serious points. And he is not a Coaltion stooge. He gets away with things because of his jokey manner (Jeremy Kyle is NOT matthews brother)

  • Mel

    almost 2 years ago


    NO Ian Hamilton, Matt Allwright DOES have personality and gravitas unlike the regular host who is immature and an ego maniac!. Matthew Wright has an over inflated sense of his own self importance and an idiotic persona. He makes me puke with his infantile giggling and interrupting. How he hangs on to his job is beyond me, he's even driven me to watching Jeremy Vine - the only item I regularly watch now is the news paper segment, and that's hardly worth it because of Matthew being more interested in airing his views rather than the guest's and turning serious topics into a deranged giggling feast. And then we have his fawning over his favourites who are usually of a dubious nature. More Allwright and less Wright, or better still, no Matthew Wright!

  • Proper prog fan

    almost 2 years ago

    Proper prog fan

    I agree with Mr .Baillie.Why not get HARDEEP SINGH KOHLI as a locum instead?

  • Michael

    almost 2 years ago


    I would like to disagree with dominic. Its smply not true that many working class people wanted to climb out of their social status. My parents, most of their friends and people they know are ahppy to do manual work and menial work and actually most don't care what they do as long as they have some money. My mom worked from the 50's onwards but was glad to leave her work in 2006 as it was becoming too much getting ahead and career obsessive and people making impressions and she was in a school! Actually most people just want a secure ongoing job certainly where i am, few care about progression etc as long as they enjoy where they are and the people. Careers came in much later and are essentially glorified jobs. Most people now no longer want to do menial work as they see it as not fittingin with their status. yet to me all work is important no matter what it is. My parents are still not career or go getting minded. They see work as purely functionally and said when they were younger came home and forgot about work. Infact all people can have nice houses regardless of their job or pay, its about pride not status

  • Graeme1066

    almost 2 years ago


    Windfarms: its not about how they blight the landscape, its about how the government promotes them based on "projected" efficiencies, but they have been proven to produce less than 10% of these projections. They are therefore not cost effective, unless you get paid to have them on your land?


    almost 2 years ago