Friday 8 March


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Part 1 - Hellos

Part 2/3 - Britain: Arm Syrian Rebels?
First up: Should Britain arm the Syrian rebels fighting evil despot Bashar al Assad? Foreign Secretary William Hague says the conflict’s become a catastrophic humanitarian crisis and has pledged to send the rebels armoured vehicles and body armour but with Russia providing Assad with weapons by the truck load shouldn’t we be doing more? Or maybe you feel government cuts have left our military unable to respond?

Part 4 – Today’s Papers

Part 5 - Make Teens Do Hard Labour!
And then we’re gonna hear if any of you feel, like John’s dad, that all teenagers should be made to do some form of hard labour - if only so they work harder at school to avoid spending the rest of their days doing similar low paid work? What do you say?

Part 6 - Ban Chewing Gum?
For our last phone-in of the week: I wanna know what you make of the English city aiming for a Singapore-style total ban on chewing gum. Campaigners in Milton Keynes want shops banned from selling it and locals barred from even chewing the stuff - why? Because cleaning up after them costs this country £150m a year.

Part 7 - Talking Telly with Kevin O'Sullivan


  • Mon 11 Mar

    Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show.


  • Thu 7 Mar

    Maggie Philbin from the BBC series Bang Goes The Theory is the special guest today.

  • Wed 6 Mar

    Danniella Westbrook drops by the studio to chat about her new role as Trudy Ryan in Hollyoaks.

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  • Raymond

    1 year ago


    I love this show. This show with the guest panel and John Barrowman was great to watch. I was in the audience in the gold top. Well done to all working on the Wright Stuff. It takes alot of work to get to the final product.

  • reema

    1 year ago


    Yes, Syria could be worse after arming the rebels but it will help them to win this war and end it, they aren't going to go back to their homes and say are done fighting, we saw what happened in Egypt in Libya , the blood shed going to continue in Syria until the remove Bashar al Assad as governor. Also what could happen worse Bashar already slaughter millions from the public not just the rebels, and he isn't going to stop until someone stops him or after he wipe the entire country.

  • matbcfc

    1 year ago


    we shouldn't help the syrian rebels, we know nothing about them, we have cleared al qaeda from afghanistan, somalia and many other countries yet we want to risk given al qaeda safe haven in syria, i was against intervening in libya because lets be honest libya is worse now than it was under gaddafi, if we arm the rebels we risk giving al qaeda a new safe haven.