Monday 7 May


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Compulsory Cooking In Schools
For our first phone in: we’re going to find out who agrees with the political genius that is Liverpool captain Steven Gerard who wants cooking taught in schools - 24 hours of classes a year for kids aged 4 to 14. He believes this could wean youngsters off takeaways and ready meals. Sounds great - but the plan would ultimately see a typical student missing out on a term’s worth of “proper” lessons. Isn’t that too high a price to pay?

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Jogging While Pregnant
And then we’re going to discuss jogging while pregnant: This woman Jenny Wright has been abused in the street for jogging while six months gone. People accuse her of being selfish, of putting her desire for a trim bod ahead of the well being of her unborn tot and I want to know what you think about that.

Part 6: Love You - Hate Your Dangerous Job!
After that: Love you, hate your dangerous job. Simon’s not the only one to work away from home, leaving his family to fret and worry. But is it fair to ask your loved one to stop, to give up their risky job, so they can spend more time with you? Maybe you’ve faced such a dilemma yourself?

Part 7: Are Women-Only Olympic Sports Sexist?
And finally: are women only Olympic sports sexist? Only two disciplines are open only to female sportspersons - synchronised swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Is this fair or an outrageous example of sexual discrimination? Surely fellas should be allowed to twirl ribbons or do scissor kicks if they want to?


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