Monday 9 April


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Will Attention Seekers Ruin Olympics?
Police and Games organisers are on red alert after Trenton Oldfield ruined the university boat race over the weekend. But they say they can’t stop activists wrecking the fun. Could the media help by ignoring these rebels with a cause? Are one-man stunts like this really intended to open up debate on serious matters - or to grab headlines?

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: 18-Ratings For Raunchy Pop Videos
David Cameron’s considering plans to enforce classifications on raunchy clips from stars like Rihanna and Madonna to protect our kids. But X Factor judge Kelly Rowland reckons it’s up to parents, not the artists, to stop their kids accessing dirty pop online. Is pop too sexualised? Would 18-ratings even work?

Part 6: Success: It’s Down To The Luck Factor
Ed our special guest didn’t think so in his sporting days. His success was down to hard work. But writing his new book has changed his mind, and he’s realised going to the right school, getting the right chances in life, even meeting his wife, is all down to right time, right place. Are we actually in control of our futures? Or are our lives largely down to chance?

Part 7: Black Sheep Rhyme Ban Is Baaa-My
What do you make of a school getting pupils to sing baa baa little sheep instead of black sheep at an Easter concert? Perhaps all nursery rhymes could be improved with a little political correctness - we could have three visually impaired mice rather than blind. Humpty Dumpty could get a less rotund name. While wee willie winkie could become bleep bleepy bleepy.


  • Tue 10 Apr

    Presented by Matthew Wright with special guest Olly Smith.


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    Presented by Donal MacIntyre who is joined by Karl Howman.

  • Thu 5 Apr

    Presented by Andrew Castle and the special guest is Fay Ripley.

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