Thursday 1 March


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Olympic Strikes
We’ll kick off by hearing your thoughts on Olympic strikes. Union bosses want the world to know everything is far from rosy in the UK right now and this summer’s games would be the perfect place to get that message across. But if unions do a call a strike what kind of support would they get from you? Not very much I’d imagine.

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Tupele for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Kill Unwanted Newborns
Today’s Daily Mail provides our next phone-in: the academics saying doctors should be allowed to kill unwanted newborn babies. It’d be no different from terminating an unwanted pregnancy as the baby has yet to develop a personality. What’s more, killing the tot would be kinder to the mother than seeing it given up for adoption. Will anyone watching today back what these boffins are saying?

Part 6: Put Prisoners To The Front Of Jobs Queue
After that: should we put prisoners to the front of the jobs queue. We heard yesterday our two convicts had landed jobs as binmen ahead of 38 other people without criminal records. While you can’t help but feel sorry for the guys who missed out, if a job stops these villains from burgling your house again, then maybe employers should positively discriminate in favour of all ex cons?

Part 7: Does Female Dr Watson Patronise Women?
And finally: does the decision to cast a woman as Dr Watson in a new Sherlock Holmes adventure patronise women as Lowri was saying yesterday? If women really were men’s equals, why not cast a lady as Sherlock himself? Anything less is just flim flam designed to stop you girls burning your bras, right?


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Comments (15)

  • Sanj

    2 years ago


    The Olympics is a big corporate event. It is the perfect platform to demonstrate! Also, with hindsight would the Greeks have something to say about the Olympics held in Athens and should we actually be learning something from them?

  • Cass

    2 years ago


    I didn't watch the programme where these two topics were discussed but having read the last two comments (Elizabeth about the unwanted baby debate) and Michael about the public vs private debate I agree entirely with their sentiments. In the case of the baby debate I am glad I didn't see it as I would have been appalled beyond belief.

  • michael

    2 years ago


    I get fed up of public vs private debate, its just a way to get people to have a go at one another. I personally think if a job needs doing it should be done and done with pride, at least in the public sector people stand up for themselves and aren't walked over. private bosses have got rid of most private sector workers rights so they can be easily controlled. Why should people be treated differently in different sectors all workers should have the same rights and valued equally as long as the job is worth doing. Personally its part of this nonsense obsession with work, if work needs doing, get it done and take pride and all work can be done without the obsession we have with it today, which comes at the expense of everything else in our lives. I disagree to think everything was caused by the last government, all governments labour and tory have been eroding peoples working lives for decades.

  • Elizabeth Garside

    2 years ago

    Elizabeth Garside

    The unwanted baby murder debate is just too shocking for me to find words for. Is this what we have come to now? To kill our own young? What next, baby breeding farms and cannibalism to solve the world food shortage? Dear God I couldn't believe I was hearing it right. The only people who should be euthenised are the boffins who though this one up. Despicable.

  • Daniel

    2 years ago


    The Abortion thing is clearly Pro life propaganda.

  • Dean

    2 years ago


    1. I've lost all interest in the Olympics, and I don't think I'm alone in this. It now seems it's going to be a spectacle put on for the prawn sarnie brigade anyway (paid for by those of us who work but had no chance of getting tickets, time off etc) 2. Killing the newly born is simply murder, and any dr doing so would be prosecuted, and rightly so. Parents do not own their children, they are their guardians and have no right to choose when they live or die once they are born, except under dire medical circumstances (when a person is left to die, rather than euthanized). 3. So what if Watson, or Holmes for that matter is played by a woman, its a fictional character. Unlike Florence Nightingale or Emily Pankhurst. If the writing is good, and the acting is better then something new can be created that breathes new life into the wonderful stories. People we're saying what a terrible idea putting Sherlock in a modern setting was when it was announced, but what we have is arguably some of the best television drama in recent years. 4. I hope the prisoners given the dustbin rounds wern't former burglars, they dont need even more opportunities to case properties!

  • George, Glasgow

    2 years ago

    George, Glasgow

    Just another example of our warped society!! We dumb down society to the extent we have no respect for one another. We lock them up when they do the wrong they have not been educated not to do. We then give them a job BEFORE the people who have NOT committed a crime?? I'm not saying I know the answer, except to say, there are some VERY intelligent people working for the government who would know, but choose not to!! Suffice to say, it is all about control, divide and conquer!!!

  • George, Glasgow

    2 years ago

    George, Glasgow

    My guess is the £500 bonus for bus drivers would ONLY apply to those in london right? Well where does that emply we're ALL in it together?? When you consider that Rome has withdrawn it's bid from the 2020 Olympics due to austerity, you can appreciate there are more important things than the games themselves!! And when you think of Sepp Blatter and his cronies getting free tickets, free transport and you only see celebrities at the 100 metres final it just disgusts. Ed Milliband SHOULD be supporting these strikes!!!!! Louwie said it would embarress the government, and so they should be!!!!

  • Richie

    2 years ago


    is this conversation from the pannelests serious dont say do nothing the olympics are coming everyone must be silent till after the governments big event its the best time to take action so our brothers and sisters from all over the globe can see our grievence with our corrupt government thats ran by luciferian bankers, stand up against all the cuts of austerity, high youth unemployment, record debt levels, outragous bonuses the list is endless forget the plympics and look to the future

  • Jaz

    2 years ago


    Little people don't only work for public sector, little people working in private sector have been suffering for few years now. My pension was destroyed by the policy of the last government. We are all suffering. People in public sector have to take their share.

  • Julia

    2 years ago


    What a barbaric, horrific thing to do- kill a child that someone has carried for 9 months. Are we in the Middle Ages? There are plenty of people who would readily adopt an unwanted baby. If the parents did not want a baby, perhaps they should have been more careful about contraception.

  • kayleigh

    2 years ago


    im sorry this is just sicking to even consided abortion is totally different to ending a babys life when born that little baby is devolping a personlaity inside of you when pregnant u have a bond with your baby how could someone do this after feeling ever hicup , kick punch , listening to the heartbeat anyone that agrees with this is sick !!!

  • Des

    2 years ago


    I had 2 abortions (after having a son & deciding I didn't want anymore) there are thousands of unwanted babies & children in the world, I think it's great doctors will be given the chance to end an unwanted life...... (btw, my son & I have a fantastic relationship!!)

  • Paul wilson

    2 years ago

    Paul wilson

    What is wrong with MEN playing Holmes and Watson? Have we become so PC nowadays that every male film,TV and literary character has to be replaced with a woman. It is disgusting. Dr Watson is suppposed to be a man and should remain a man. I hope the film is a massive flop because I will definitely not be going to see it. How about a man playing Emily Pankhurst, Florance Nightingale or maybe how about the next Miss Marple being played by a man. after all it is sex equality, right?

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