Thursday 5 July


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Push Sacked Troops To Front Of Jobs Queue
First up: we’re going to hear what you think of this scheme to push sacked soldiers to the front of the jobs queue? More than 20,000 are to be axed because of government cuts. Labour’s got big name firms to give these men and women priority interviews but how is that going to make our long term unemployed feel?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Freya for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Should Barclays Bob Get £20m Payoff?
And then we’re going to hear if you think former Barclays boss Bob Diamond should get his £20m payoff? He quit on Tuesday over the Libor interest rate scandal but if he knew nothing about it, as he told MPs yesterday, then why should he lose his £18m bonus and a year’s pay? Unless of course you consider it gross incompetence not to know what your senior traders were up to?

Part 6: John Simpson’s Old Age Suicide Plan
Moving on we’re going to hear what you think of John Simpson’s old age suicide plan. The 67-year-old newshound plans to kill himself before he becomes a gibbering old wreck - his words not mine - and a burden on his young son. Is this a heroic thing to promise or does it reveal a distorted view of old age: that all old folk are some sort of drain on the rest of us?

Part 7: Can Murray Win Wimbledon?
And finally: after seven years of me banging on about how Andy Murray can Wimbledon - and getting all sorts of abuse from you lot for my trouble - is this year’s phone-in going to be different. With Nadal out, and a cracking quarter final behind him this has got to be the 25-year-old’s best chance yet.


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Comments (10)

  • Ex-Para

    almost 2 years ago


    Hannah you seem to have a very one dimensional idea of what a soldier is. You are right in that no matter what trade a soldier has he is a soldier first, and a soldier is trained to kill an enemy. Very, very few soldiers however are solely tasked with front-line duties. Soldiers in Afghanistan for example have been delivering aid, building schools and hospitals and training the local law enforcement and army. What about all the young women that join the nursing corps, or bandsman that serve as medics, not combatants also? I served for 12 years straight from leaving school. As an example of the positive work soldiers can do I can point to my time in Bosnia, where I was part of a UN initiative documenting war crimes, specifically taking statements from women that had been raped. No weapon in sight and no killing involved. When I came out I received no special treatment, nor did I want it or need it, and I dont think the majority of soldiers will either. Companies are keen to hire service personnel, I work in a school for BESD as an example of how skills are easily transferable.

  • Ian, Newcastle

    almost 2 years ago

    Ian, Newcastle

    I am sick and tired of the endless special pleading for Service personnel. Why the hell would these tough, resilient, and resourceful fighting men and women need special favours when they leave the Forces. They should not be given priority over anybody whether it is finding a house or getting a job. If they have acquired certain special attributes as a result of their military careers i. reliability, team working, diligence etc. which is undoubtedly the case, employers will offer them interviews and jobs on their merits. Stop treating these people as if they are helpless victims and charity cases. And Anne Diamond's view that we need to elevate the status of soldiers is quite incredible. We are constantly told about the bravery, heroism and sacrifice of British troops. I really don't think that there is a lack of respect or admiration for people serving in Afghanistan. Indeed I find this constant refrain to be quite obnoxious and patronising. Lets just remind ourselves who some of these people are. Highly trained combatants, which includes Regiments such as the Marines, Parachute Regiment, SAS etc. without doubt some of the toughest and most skilled soldiers in the world. I wonder how some of them actually feel about the whole "Help the Heroes" culture that has developed. They are not some kind of "special needs" group, so stop treating them that way. They do not need any more protection from the problems of life in society, or help to find work or homes than anybody else. Not everybody who returns from Afghanistan comes home with missing limbs or PTSD, so stop talking as if that is the case. For those that do, they should recieve the help they need. What they do not need is pity and privileged help which will allow them to jump the jobs or housing queue. Will it be decisive-most certainly.

  • Michael Phillips

    almost 2 years ago

    Michael Phillips

    Who was the brilliant fellow who explained the Higgs boson on today's show?

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  • Michael

    almost 2 years ago


    why is it easier to get a voluntary job (and yet actually volunteers work just as hard as paid people) than a paid one? How bizarre? It is easier to get some benefits but again it is not pleasant to be on them and actually out of work benefits like JSA and employment support doesn't pay more than a piad job even at £5 an hour, its all the other forms of income like tax credits etc that add to people getting hundreds, but many with JSA are not on other benefits and many on housing benefits work hard and are in employment so really people should get their facts right! Many people wouldn't need housing benefits if wages and the cost of living was better organised and private landlords didn't charge so much!

  • Michael

    almost 2 years ago


    So basically we want people to work, but we will only let them if they are a certain way. I heard Matt Dawson say this once - but unfortunately for Matt you will neevr get perfect people so really we are by all accounts responsible for our own downfall, if we actually accepted people for who they are and findly more constructive and varying ways in which everyone can contribute, instead of making work and money a demi-god and expecting people to be perfect then we probably wouldn't be in this mess!

  • Michael

    almost 2 years ago


    i certainly agree that soldiers who have mental and physical disabilites deserve extra help but not for general soldiers who have nothing wrong with them. I do think people overreact when people make comments against say troops not deserving special treatment, however many people do choose they chosen career including the police, there are many people in our society that have no choice but to only do certain jobs. I agree with Matthew that people who have been made redundant also have not chosen to loose their jobs and are struggling just as much as the ex-army people have. Obviously soldiers who have been injured and suffered mental problems deserve more help. It is also difficult for many who leave the army to get back into society - one of the main reasons is that the armed forces think differently say to many employers who are much more individualistic and career driven the army is very much a collective thing, so adjusting is difficult, equally it is hard for mental and physical people to adjust to employment as employment nowadays isn't just about turning up and wanted to work (as some blinkered people think) you have to act a certain way, be go-getting, career driven and outgoing (obviously things not everyone in society is good at) and so many mental and physical disabled struggle not just finding work but also with their disabilities, many naive people don't seem to realise! Its like well I am well why isn't other people - well people aren't folks, its reality. Personally I completely disagree with how employment is, I would like a return to the 50's way of where basic work was easier to get, my mom barely did an interview, filled in a form or anything and went straight into full time work, and she worked hard, but she describes how work became much more competitive and go-getting more recently, and everyone was chasing everyone else's jobs. Many people on JSA probably are not career driven, go-getting, multi-skilled and want some work basically and many are on JSA as well due to the fact they have mental and physical disabilities which restricts what work they can do but cannot qualify for disability payments, but as most employers want all singing all dancing, outgoing, career driven people no wonder so many are on JSA, as a society we have shot ourselves in the foot and allowed employers to have too much control. Basic work should be much easier to get which would probably stop people who then turn to drink and drugs, crime and other things as basically they need some money. Same has happened in america. Obviously some people do want to fiddle the system but for most they have no choice, so everyone isn't a scrounging lazy good for nothing, it actually represents what is wrong with society. Really even interviews should only be for more senior and specialised/high responsibility jobs. Also the amount of tasks people now have to do as part of their job has got out of control, and apparently all to save money, which has actually left most working extreme hours for little money and no money to even enjoy life and then everyone is charged more and yet nobody even questions employment and the ways of working, its as though employers and work has become demi-gods. All this obsession hasn't meant more money or better quality lives actually we are becoming more miserable and still have ended up in financial difficultly. I have heard some people talking as though washing up in a restaurant is some kind of super job - are they deluded or just obsessed, and talking as though you need extra qualifications, super cv's and go to three interviews to do it - its bizarre! Its as though to even wash up in restaurant you have to be a super career person, maybe some people might just enjoy washing up and are no good at anything else, do we really all have to be career driven people? So clearly just turning up and wanting some kind of job is no longer good enough. Yet the same people moaning nobody wants to work are the same people 'well we cannot give people jobs if they want it, they have to show desire and how good they are' - what crap! No wonder our country is messed up! Also can I say I hardly think you can compare WW2 with now. We are not being attacked and our country is not being invaded! We had a legitimate reason to fight in WW2 and it was all about defence, what exactly are we all fighting?

  • Simon Green

    almost 2 years ago

    Simon Green

    Matthew Wright you are a disgrace! did I just her him call someone a cripple on his programme? This is an extremely offensive word that is used to insult the disabled community, he would not use any racist language so why this 1? Mr Wright is a clueless idiot !


    almost 2 years ago



  • Hannah

    almost 2 years ago


    I don't think troops deserve interviews at all. The army is nothing to glorify in my eyes, what kind of person does it take to rationalise going out killing people everyday? It's no wonder they end up in prison if that's their mentality! There's other people losing their jobs left, right and centre and it's not their fault either but they don't get any special treatment.