Thursday 12 July


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Who Should Bail Out Flood Victims?
First up: who should bail flood victims? Rather than have insurers refuse to cover homes at risk of water damage, the government wants to set up a special repair fund - how? By getting every householder to pay 10 per cent more for their insurance! Is that fair? Surely those who live in daft places like flood plains should pay the consequences?

We’ll take calls on that before it’s over to Alex for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: What’s The Point Of Learning By Rote?
Moving on: What’s the point of learning by rote? Schools minister Nick Gibb wants kids to learn their times tables by heart. But teaching unions worry that’ll only serve to make maths even more boring. Lots of us learned by rote when we were young but times have changed. Will traditional techniques serve future generations well now we’re in the digital age?

Part 6: Good Wife? Doormat!
After that: Does being a good wife ultimately mean you’re a doormat? Alex here has said - perhaps tongue in cheek - that she wants to be a good Italian wife: work less, listen more to her husband and stroke his ego. Begs the question do good wives have to sacrifice their own interests for the greater good of the family? If so how can men be better husbands?

Part 7: Pink Clothes Worse For Girls Than Rihanna?
And to wrap up - Are pink clothes worse for little girls than Rihanna? While Rhianna, one might argue, is self-consciously sexy and in control, the pink thing is more insidious and subconscious: little girls associate pink with fairy tale princesses who can’t do anything with their pathetic little lives until some dimwitted prince comes to rescue them. So does pink stink worse than rhi-rhi?


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