Thursday 17 May


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Are Lurid Recycling Bags An Eyesore?
First up: are lurid recycling bags an eyesore? Are the non-degradable containers in garish hues of red, blue and orange even more unpleasant on the eye than litter? Former daytime telly stars Richard and Judy have been moaning about how recycling sacks have destroyed the Cornish countryside near their mansion - but are they a necessary evil?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Wendi for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: One In Three 11 Year Olds Can’t Swim!
After that: should we be alarmed by the fact one in three 11 year olds can’t swim as today’s papers claim. A lack of swimming lessons in schools, a lack of parental encouragement and the high price of tickets to public pools have all bee blamed. But what if anything are we going to do about it?

Part 6: Should Britain Go Fully Metric?
After that: Is it time for Britain to go fully metric? I was one of the last people to be taught imperial at school, so everyone younger than me - which is about half the population - was brought up decimal. Is it fair to them for dinosaurs like me to want to sup pints, weigh myself in stones and walk for miles?

Part 7: Lazy? Work From Home!
And to wrap up proceedings I want to know if working from home is the career choice of the lazy? They want more of us to work from home during the Olympics and why not eh? Start when you like, don’t bother getting dressed, keep the telly on all day and go out for frequent pub lunches. Cor it’s tough - right?


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