Thursday 21 February


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Part 1 - Hellos

Part 2/3 - IQ Tests For Jurors?
First up: we’re asking if jurors should be made to sit some sort of intelligence test to ensure they have a grasp of the basics of the job? That’s what various pundits are pondering after a high profile trial collapsed because the 12 good folk and true on the jury had no idea what was going on. So are IQ tests needed - or maybe you feel the flaw lies with the barristers who failed to get the jury to follow their arguments?

Part 5 - Sexist Parenting
After that: Sexist parenting. Are all mums and dads guilty of treating daughters differently from sons? I reckon you are - but is it discrimination to say to your girl you can’t go out to such and such a do when you’d happily let a son the same age go? Statistically girls are more likely to have their freedoms clipped than boys - you might argue it’s for their own good, but is it?

Part 6 - Energy Crisis: Blackouts Or Bigger Bills?
Next up: after yesterday’s warning that Britain’s on the brink of an energy crisis that could see bills rise by another 30 per cent or more, we’re asking if you’d rather freeze bills but put up with regular scheduled blackouts instead - they were doing just that in LA a few years back. Why not here?

Part 7 - Were The Brits The Pits?
And finally: Were last night’s Brits the pits? It used to be a bear pit of lashed up rock gods making fools of themselves on live telly. But now it’s beige, bland and ever so ever so boring, isn’t it? Or maybe I’m just too old to get it? If you’re off on half term I’d love to know what you thought of last night’s pop Oscars?


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