Tuesday 10 July


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Rockets On The Roof Olympic Row
First up: a chance to hear your thoughts on the rockets on the roof Olympic row. Six ground to air missile batteries are being set up to protect the Games from terrorists. Two of the sites are on top of peoples’ homes and residents ain’t happy. One group has taken the MoD to court - we’re being made a target they say. Have they any right to complain? What if the missiles were above your kids’ bedroom?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Cyan for the rest of the day’s news.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Scrap Free Perks For £10k Pensioners
After that: should those grey hairs who pull in a pension of 10 grand a year or more be stripped of their free bus passes, TV licences and winter fuel allowance? Yes says a leading Tory moderniser - if we’re all in it together its only fair older folk take the odd hit. Is it?

Part 6: Girls In Boys’ Jobs
After that and with a female builder on the panel I thought it would be great to hear from women who do what were traditionally seen as men’s jobs: construction, engineering and so on. What made you want to get your hands dirty? Are you taken seriously? Will there ever come a time when half of all bricklayers are women?

Part 7: Is This The Worst Summer Ever?
And finally: the question everyone’s been asking: is this the worst summer ever? Well is it?


  • Wed 11 Jul

    Joining Matthew and panellists Saira Khan and Stephan K Amos, Dan Wright ((Big Cook Little Cook) has all the latest information on his Edinburgh show, Michael Jackson Touched Me.


  • Mon 9 Jul

    Presented by Matthew Wright.

  • Fri 6 Jul

    Katie Price joins Matthew Wright for more topical debate.

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Comments (16)

  • Q.Silver

    almost 2 years ago


    You are looking at this wrongly, women can become builders, scaffolders, etc but chose not to. If they chose to then why wouldn't they be accepted just as men would be.

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  • Marie Miller

    almost 2 years ago

    Marie Miller

    Thank you Matthew Wright for acknowledgng the plight of the Barnes family and their dog Lennox. Please join us all in calling for a public enquiry into the behaviour of Belfast City Council and it's officials. Something very wrong has happened here.

  • marg

    almost 2 years ago


    Mandy Make a phone call and dont just do nothing.its when people stand by and do nothing that they get away with it,

  • marg

    almost 2 years ago


    They should stop the winter fuel allowance for those pensioners that `winter in spain` loads use that money towards their flights.it should go only to those who are stuck hear for the cold winters..they rent their appartments out through the year so they have money to live on while out their and it brings in extra cash while their in the UK.

  • Mandy

    almost 2 years ago


    a majority of pensioners are claiming mobility that they 'don't' need and get a new car every year or two, "what do they need a bus pass for? I know a 70+ year old who has 000s of £s in paid benefits stashed all over the house in different places, this person goes on holiday two - three times a year for weeks at a time and then comes home early because they get bored!, some people can't even afford a weekend away! Am I bitter and envious? .... I try not to be but it's difficult!

  • Alison

    almost 2 years ago


    When I first went to Goa, India, a hotel was being built next to the hotel I was staying in and all the labourers were women, they carried unbelievable amounts of bricks on their shoulders, their strength was astounding.

  • Mandy Eden

    almost 2 years ago

    Mandy Eden

    With all the advertising about the rapier missiles being placed on said buildings don't you think the area is already going to be the safest street in London, surely terrorists go for easy targets. What complaints would the MOD recieve for not protecting our country when we are aware of the biggest target possible due to happen! Perhaps we should SERIOUSLY count our blessings that our Government isn't the worst in the world, I'm sure we wouldn't swop with Syria.

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  • Michael W George

    almost 2 years ago

    Michael W George

    Re - Scrap Free Perks for Pensioners. At £10K this will once again hit vulnerable people on modest incomes. If there has to be a level, why not use the level where higher rate tax is paid? At least this would hit well off pensioners!

  • lucy

    almost 2 years ago


    i work with a man who brings home over 300 pounds a week his wife also works they get free bus passes and fuel allowance and other benefits surley if you are still in full time employment you should not need the benefits

  • caroline

    almost 2 years ago


    Pensioners use passes to get out not having transport otherwise, they also volunteer in the community. Overseas heating payments might be wrong in say Spain but what about those in colder areas and countries. Free Licence is only at 75 by which time pensioners spend most of their time at home and some have no visitors!

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  • Tracy

    almost 2 years ago


    Saira Khan needs to get of her orange box and calm down it is only a topical debate show not a fight for a revolution!

  • Adrian Lake-Muller

    almost 2 years ago

    Adrian Lake-Muller

    The people who live in the tower are a bunch of nimbys, their next complaint will be about all the noise coming from the stadium and then the people in wheelchairs, they should grow a backbone and put up and shut up

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