Tuesday 15 January


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: One Leg? Walk On Crutches? Disabled?
First up: Are you disabled if you’ve got one leg and can walk the length of a cricket pitch on crutches? If you can should you get benefits to help you get about? The government thinks no but even in these desperate times, surely helping those with missing limbs is the very least our cash strapped society can do?

We take plenty of calls on this before it’s over to Menik for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Pre-Emptive Cancer Drugs
After that we’re going to have a word about plans to give menopausal women at risk of breast cancer the same drugs they use to treat Britain’s number one cancer. But
the drugs have been used in this way before, the carry lots of side effects and some worry taking the drugs pre-emptively will lead to fewer women getting themselves properly checked if they did subsequently find a lump - whatever you want to say we want to hear it.

Part 6: R.I.P Hmv
Moving on we’ll be finding out if any of you will be mourning the death of HMV - the music giant collapsed last night after more than 90 years on our high streets - a victim of our changing spending and downloading habits, is this just market forces at work or should the powers at be do more to help our stricken high streets?

Part 7: Thank You Notes, No Thank You
And finally - thank you notes no thank you - hopefully I’m not the only one who’s thrilled to hear the thank you note is virtually obsolete. Writing mundane comments to smelly old aunts about the socks they’d given you for xmas was the worst thing - thank heavens this monstrous waste of time, money and trees is done for - right?


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