Tuesday 15 January


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: One Leg? Walk On Crutches? Disabled?
First up: Are you disabled if you’ve got one leg and can walk the length of a cricket pitch on crutches? If you can should you get benefits to help you get about? The government thinks no but even in these desperate times, surely helping those with missing limbs is the very least our cash strapped society can do?

We take plenty of calls on this before it’s over to Menik for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Pre-Emptive Cancer Drugs
After that we’re going to have a word about plans to give menopausal women at risk of breast cancer the same drugs they use to treat Britain’s number one cancer. But
the drugs have been used in this way before, the carry lots of side effects and some worry taking the drugs pre-emptively will lead to fewer women getting themselves properly checked if they did subsequently find a lump - whatever you want to say we want to hear it.

Part 6: R.I.P Hmv
Moving on we’ll be finding out if any of you will be mourning the death of HMV - the music giant collapsed last night after more than 90 years on our high streets - a victim of our changing spending and downloading habits, is this just market forces at work or should the powers at be do more to help our stricken high streets?

Part 7: Thank You Notes, No Thank You
And finally - thank you notes no thank you - hopefully I’m not the only one who’s thrilled to hear the thank you note is virtually obsolete. Writing mundane comments to smelly old aunts about the socks they’d given you for xmas was the worst thing - thank heavens this monstrous waste of time, money and trees is done for - right?


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    Matthew and guests discuss the topical issues of the day.


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    Matthew discusses topical issues of the day, alongside the Celebrity Big Brother's Sam Robertson.

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    Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show.

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Comments (8)

  • Cathy

    over 1 year ago


    Mathew is anything but right wing!!! when he worked for the Sun it was a labour paper his favourite paper is the Guardian and he can't bear the Mail. It is about time we had some balance on this show though, normally a panelist gets derided for supporting Tory, a discussion programme should have a mixed panel but that is very rare on Mathew Wright.

  • Mr L. Hiatt

    over 1 year ago

    Mr L. Hiatt

    H.M.V. ...The writing started on the wall 20 years ago. Not to mention internet competition and customer discouragement by high parking costs which also play an important part in the rapid spread of Ghost town virus. ALL Business Buildings in City/town centre costs have risen out of all proportion, not least by Local Councils repeatedly increasing business rates and taxes as an 'easy fix' to shortfalls by Government cut backs. Such costs can go into the £ millions without maintennance; staffing and any other costs. It is no wonder we have lost so many CITY CENTRE businesses (escalating) whether they have gone under; 'closed' or moved out, in the last 20 years the town centres for ALL business not just retail in towns but also for Banks Building societies and stand alone Post Offices have c;hanged dramatically. In the U.S. the shop sales of CD'S and DVD's and other goods are not so adversley affected, as the property taxes and therefore the store costs are very much lower and so theres little difference in price between shop sales and internet sales. Why are charity shops in the U.K. the exception? and even multiplying? ...they pay little or no property or any other tax....simples!

  • Georgina

    over 1 year ago


    For all those saying that Matthew is right wing just because he has a Tory MP on his panel - good! If you regularly watch the show it is obvious that Mathew is a staunch Labour supporter, and has a dig at the Tories whenever he can, and often his panel are 100% to the Left. It is good that he has to listen to another opinion other than his own, and there should be a Right and Left winger on his panel every show to maintain balance. That is the whole point of a debate show after all!

  • Justin Davison

    over 1 year ago

    Justin Davison

    Wright IS a smug Right Wing git and SHAME ON HIM. I'm not surprised he is the way he is seeing as though he worked for The sun. He laughs at the idea of someone applying for a job Atos but doesn't expose anymore of the collusion between government and the private sector AND calling it what is:Fascism.

  • Gina Brees

    over 1 year ago

    Gina Brees

    Obviously Matthews mum overdid the thankyou letter business when he was young. That is no excuse to be offensive to older relations calling them smelly. I am over 65 and am offended by his comments. He will be old one day !!!!!!!!

  • B.Dransfield

    over 1 year ago


    I've noticed The Wright Stuff has become much more right wing over the years but Matthew Wright has outdone himself this morning with his fawning over Nadine Dorrie.Maybe shouldn't be surprised as Channel 5 is owned by the same person as the Daily Express.This would be the paper that following the benefit cap vote last week had the shameful headline"The end of the party for benefit shivers". Say no more me thinks.

  • Orley McIntyre

    over 1 year ago

    Orley McIntyre

    Has anyone considered the emotional damaging effect of losing a limb, the trauma and life changing psychological damage that occurs. Plus dealing with psyiotherapy, drugs, artificial limbs,social services and government means tests. Nadine Dorrie like most politicians in the words of Alan Sugar 'hasn't got a bloody clue'. Your question is very provocative its as if its been designed by the current governments health dept to play devils advocate on the disabled suffering loss of limbs. Shame on you.

  • Corrine Bailey

    over 1 year ago

    Corrine Bailey

    I know someone on disability had just got new car only has to pay for petrol. Difficulty walking ? manages holidsys abroad adventure holidays 2/3 times s year !!!!