Tuesday 15 May


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: £40,000 Council House Salary Cap
First up: Should council houses be denied to couples once their combined earnings are upwards of, say £40K? New laws that came into effect last month will let local authorities do this, each setting their own bar. Those earning more when their tenancy’s reviewed will be turfed out to rent privately. It’ll help clear space for the 2m families waiting for a council home. But won’t it also put people off working hard to better themselves - if doing so could cost you the roof over your head?

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: No Disability Benefit For Losing A Limb?
After that: is Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith right to say losing a limb shouldn’t automatically entitle you to Disability Living Allowance? The benefit’s meant to help people with a physical or mental disability pay for their mobility needs and general care. But IDS reckons if you don’t need support to get around, you don’t need the handout. Does he have a point? It costs the taxpayer almost £13bn a year, so isn’t he right to take another look at who should get the benefit?

Part 6: Does Every Good Child Deserve Chores?
After that: Does every good child deserve chores? Half of parents don’t make their kids help around the house, saying they don’t have time, what with homework and extra-curricular activities. But are those mums and dads doing their sprogs a disservice? Parenting buffs say helping out promotes self-esteem, and makes kids responsible and self-sufficient. Fair enough, but isn’t childhood for playing, not working?

Part 7: Nothing Wrong With Peeing In Public!
And finally: There’s nothing wrong with peeing in public - as long as no one sees you. That’s what one judge said yesterday, after he ruled against a Somerset couple who wanted a layby near their house closed because drivers kept using it for comfort breaks. Was the judge right?


  • Wed 16 May

    Presented by Matthew Wright who is joined by Grainne Seoige.


  • Mon 14 May

    Georgie Thompson joins Matthew Wright for more debate.

  • Fri 11 May

    Presented by Matthew Wright.

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Comments (9)

  • gillian

    2 years ago


    I agree with jane, if people want to come here to live and work they should provide their own living accomadation ie house, flat,apartment etc, not at the expense of us British.

  • Cathy

    2 years ago


    I can't believe Bob Crowe can be entitled to a Council House on his salary!!! There are people who need that house and he can well afford to buy. He should be ashamed of himself.

  • Louise Tulip

    2 years ago

    Louise Tulip

    I wish that Matthew Wright was better informed. Council Housing has not been subsidised for thirty years.

  • Valerie Abbott

    2 years ago

    Valerie Abbott

    My daughter, aged 23 shouldn't be living with me, she's unemployed, I'm disabled, she's addicted to drugs, living off my incapacity benefit, I get nothing from her towards food and bills, if I demand it, she gets aggressive. I don't want her living here, but where is she supposed to go? I'm left having to sell my home to be able to afford somewhere to live, especially since my benefits have been severely slashed, my DLA has been stopped, have to sell my home now; even though I have severe disabilities, total hip and knee replacements, will be getting surgery on my spine; benefits were stopped!!

  • karin

    2 years ago


    just bored with some of the topics...maybe the team run out of subjects to cover... also some of the panel are great but then you get people who just don't contribute or have no great opinion about much. Such as ex girl group members

  • Jae

    2 years ago


    I am a a 23year old male who at eighteen got diagnosed with MS (multiple Sclerosis). I lost my eyesight, speech and the ability to walk.. There is no symptoms for when I may relapse again. My condition varies day to day.. I am very thankful for the tax payers of this country for looking after me. On my good days I do what I can to help Society-By that i mean I go to old peoples home or to a charity shop to see if I can do anything to help. I like to think as society is helping me I will do what I can to help society.

  • Ann Percy

    2 years ago

    Ann Percy

    * Ann Percy I wached the bit on the dla and no one said how a prosthetic limb is like. I had my leg of above knee when i was 7 years through cancer. my leg did not grow so i have other problems to. mobility came out on 1975 and i had to have medical after medical and was only granted it 10 years later.I can not walk far at all just driving to the supermarket and walking round there im tiered and in a lot of pain. The limb isnt great to wear i suffer lots of pain in my back,neck arms other leg. It really is no fun i get very depressed and the older i get it goes worse.If they stopped my money i would be housebound as i would not be able to aford a car that to me is my independence and my lifeline to the outside world.If i could walk they could stick there money up there ar...

  • George, Glasgow

    2 years ago

    George, Glasgow

    Big society, all in it together. Yeah right?!?! Work harder (William Haig) for less for longer than anyone else in Europe and live in squaller. All this, while WE are paying for the mismanagement of bankers and pension companies and NOW they say people who have lost a limb are not entitled to benefit. This is coming from a government that has never even properly addressed their own house i.e. Embezzling thousand a year FOR years. Terry Christian should be standing for parliament!!!!

  • Jane

    2 years ago


    Britain has a "reciprocal agreement" with EU countries which enables those citizens to go to the top of the British housing lists. If people want to come here and work, they need to provide their own housing, not at the expense of the British people.