Tuesday 18 September


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Will E-Bacc Fail Less Academic Kids?
First up: After the warm response to Michael Gove’s new English Baccalaureate yesterday, today I want to know what’s going to happen to the thousands of kids likely to fail this GCSE replacement? Are the ConDems missing a trick by not offering a second tier of exams, a bit like the old CSEs? Or will Gove’s suggestion of a glowing reference from teachers serve less academic youngsters just as well?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Mark for the rest of the day’s news.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Wrong To Jail Mums?
After that: Is it wrong to jail mums? The last 15 years has seen the number of mums in prison more than doubled. Last year alone 17,000 kids lost their mums to chokey.
Prison reformers oppose jailing mums saying ultimately it only serves to punish their kids. So should mums get to swerve custodial sentences? Or is that incredibly sexist when half of all prisoners are dads!

Part 6: My Tot’s Obsessed With Willies!
Moving on - how would you deal with a child of yours if they appeared obsessed with what other youngsters have in their pants? One desperate mum’s asked for help after her four-year-old daughter repeatedly asked her male chums to give her a look. What should I do, the mother asks? Tell her off? Ignore her? Or have a word?

Part 7: Freshers’ Week: Ordeal Or Orgy?
And finally: I want to find out if university freshers week has changed in recent years as the governments try to milk students of all their cash? For many first year undergrads this is the week they get to meet new chums and sign up for all sorts of fun stuff. But maybe fun has to take a back seat when you’re paying your own way? I know not many students are watching now as they’ll be asleep in bed - but we’ll flag this up again a little later when they’re awake.


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Comments (4)

  • Su

    over 1 year ago


    Maybe instead of focussing debate on secondary education, we should have a real good look at the primary/junior sector. Ask yourself 'how can, after about 6 years and 8000 hours of education, around 20% of children can progress to secondary schools without the ability to read, write or do basic maths properly?'

  • Melanie

    over 1 year ago


    To Matthew and TWS team. Children are naturally inquisitive and learning about or exploring their body or other peoples should be dealt with by parents or carers in a loving and sensitive manner. Unlike the experience I had where a friend decided to report my children and I to the social services after my 6year old girl initiated a 'game' where she, my 3year old son and my friend's 7 year old daughter showed their private parts to each other. Hasten to add, the social worker decided there were no grounds to make a case and explained to me that behavior like this is quite common among these age groups. We should have age appropriate talks with our children to facilitate learning and understanding, not only of natural development but also to highlight dangers of inappropriate behaviors to protect them. I did not take the incident lightly and told my children off in the presence of the friend and her daughter, and apologized to the mother and her child, but I also reinforced my love to my children and explained as previously done in the past about certain behaviors that may put them in vulnerable positions, ie. not letting people kiss them on the lips or telling me or a teacher if anyone touches them inappropriately. However, children must not be made to feel they are disgusting or they may develop certain complexes that affects them later in life.

  • Helen

    over 1 year ago


    Why do we have to have a 2nd tier? We're in danger of making our children feel second best and not as good as others. Shouldn't we simply look at extending the range of subjects currently on offer to include those geared towards other talents, such as mechanics, electrics, plumbing and joinery or what about customer service, teaching kids to handle objections and difficult situations through rationale and verbal skills rather than fighting. These could be valuable life skills that will give those less academical a real sense of self worth and perhaps encourage them to stay at school.

  • Michelle Butts

    over 1 year ago

    Michelle Butts

    Hello Matthew, This is Michelle your fellow Croydoner who joined your programme late because I was beside my self with my daughter, as she despite my pushing as a parent would not engage as she is clever and realises that she can spend a few minutes do ing her home work and still get good grades. my solution to the problem is to stop inclusive learning. it holds the clever ones back and ignores the creative or children with speacial learning needs. I welcome the new exams and but worry about what the alternative is for the less able children. To achieve this they need to change there aprocah to inclusive learning.