Tuesday 26 June


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The Wright Stuff - Tuesday 26th June


First up: Are the UK and Scotland better together? As former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling launched a cross-party anti-independence campaign yesterday, he said Scotland would be stronger socially, economically and politically if it stays part of the UK. Is he right? And even if he is, do the rest of you Brits want to keep Scotland in the union?


After that: Do celebs have a duty to speak out about their experiences of mental illness? Earlier this month mental health charities praised four MPs who did just that, saying it would help tackle the stigma surrounding the issue. So should other well-known faces do the same? They wouldn’t think twice about admitting they’d broken their leg, or got the flu. Are they doing the one in four of us with mental problems a disservice if they don’t?

Then: Is this book just porn by another name? Erotic trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey is now the fastest selling paperback of all time. 10m paper and digital copies have been bought worldwide - almost 3m of those in the UK. What’s the appeal? And is reading a novel gratuitously peppered with sado masochistic sex scenes any more acceptable than flicking through a porn mag on the bus to work?

And finally: Should Kate curtsey to royal rellies? A document circulated to the Queen’s household has clarified her place in the family pecking order. When not accompanied by husband Wills, former commoner the Duchess of Cambridge must curtsey to born royals, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. But in 2012, should she?


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Comments (12)

  • Michael

    almost 2 years ago


    I would suggest most Scots actually come from different regions and maybe somebody in the border regions won't think the same as someone in Galsgow or in the Scottish Highlands. By the way only 20% of people actually speak Gaelic in scotland and ireland and many are bilingual. I think it is not a duty for people to discuss mental illness but certainly it helps, I have non mentally induced anxiety and also OCD, mood swings and paranoia but mine is neurologically induced. But it certainly affects other aspects of your life but few employers either understand or are bothered as it interferes with and is seen as a burden to their work. Personally I think there should be more jobs available to the mentally ill which they can do as at the moment nearly 87% of the mentally ill are not in employment or training or study, which is simply damaging society and the individuals. There is personally too many multitasking jobs which stop a lot of mentally and physically disabled people contributing to society and too many difficult things people have to do just to get back work it should be far more fluid for basic jobs and I think work places should look at what jobs they create and what people they get in certain position - its ridiculous people have to hand in a CV, do three interviews etc just to shelve in ASDA! This is a type of job a mentally ill person could do very well yet it seems too many places are too interested in saving money (they would rather combine roles - which stops many disabled people working as they can only do certain jobs) I can understand three interviews and a CV for a senior management position. Not all people want careers some people just want a form of income, so really by making basic work hard to get it actually defeats the object. People will have to get money some how and many will turn to crime, drugs etc. In the 1950's my mom worked at 15 without a CV, job interview or long application form and she did well and learnt quick and worked hard so really there is too many careers and ambition talk. Not everyone who works in an industry wants to get ahead or want to be top in their position, it seems there is an assumption everyone wants to climb career ladders when most disabled want some form of work. Too many employers just want career minded people in their workplace!

  • Michael

    almost 2 years ago


    People wquite often feel more for their culture wen living in a country which is so different so I am not surprised people feel more english/scottish/welsh/irish or even british abroad.

  • Michael

    almost 2 years ago


    I have actually been to Wales and come across negative attitudes. I have an southern irish father and english mother and to be quite honest people keep talking about the Celtic nation - what exactly is Celtic about these nations? I have noticed hardly any difference culturally, its not as though all irish jig on the weekend or drink guinness all day or all the english morris dance or all the scots eat haggis and toss cabers so really what Celticness is everyone talking about, the Celts to me were near a race or ethnicity they were simply a shared common culture and people could share culture but not speak the same language. The reality is if you compare ireland they have far more in common cultureally - how they live their everyday lives with england/scotland and wales than say greece, germany, france etc. I am sure most scots and welsh don't hate theenglish and I know for a fact most english don't actually care either way - most people are more bothered with staying afloat, having enough food, crime andjobs really. some things are lazy stereotypes - not all irish are happy and jolly, not all scots are mean etc. So really the break up of the union would be culturally a waste of time, yes all the countries have unique histories and traditions in a way and those should all be preserved. I have been to english and irish weddings and funerals and I have failed to recognize the difference apart from the accents, they are my family and most of the culture is shared. I don't think Jeremy was mocking scots he was pointing out he got negative attitudes from some scots, but these are often idiotic individuals who harp back to a mythical celtic braveheart past. In reality Campbell and my surname are supposed to be both Gaelic yet look at my dad he looks nothing like Alistair, thats because loads of people in the past adopted Gaelic as a language that did not mean they were all from one genetic stock. Equally people go on about the irish in britiain but look at history closely and they will see British influence in Ireland going back thousands of years before the Gaels in the stone structures and people before the Gaels didn't speak Gaelic but another language, this says little about the genes in ireland, and different subclades have been found in different parts of Ireland. Northern Ireland was genetically distinct from the rest of Ireland. My surname is from eastern ireland which is more related to the rest of Britain and also Norway, northern France and Denmark so ineffect people are all interrelated. I could very well have genes from Northern Europe as do most so called Celts after all my dad has fair skin, dark hair but blue eyes

  • Cathy

    almost 2 years ago


    Had to switch off couldn't stomache Alistair Campbell !!! Don't know how he gets so much air time

  • Caggie

    almost 2 years ago


    Interesting that Matthew is away when Alistair Campbell is on the show.The two together would be very interesting as we all know how Mathew feels about the invasion of Iraq etc.Who decides to give such people as Campbell airtime,sorry I had to turn off........

  • JillB

    almost 2 years ago


    @ J. If you want the Tory viewpoint, just watch any other political programme on network TV or read virtually any of the national newspapers. . The Wright Stuff is refreshing for NOT being the same as other programmes and gives the only alternative view. Don't be greedy!!!

  • Bridget Stewart

    almost 2 years ago

    Bridget Stewart

    I did not like Amanda Lamb,s comment on today,s prog.She said in ref to Scottish independance "If they dont want to belong to OUR country then ok" Which OUR country is she talking about.England or UK. If UK then there would be no UK if we go independant so i presume she means England.I used to hear terms like this in school.

  • Yvonne

    almost 2 years ago


    I am Welsh born and living in France. I have never been more proud of my nationality since having moved to France. Everyone here asks 'which part of England are you from' or 'when are you going back to England', and the English are worse than the French! It is time the English recognises that the UK consists of 4 countries and not just England, that is what annoys us. On the subject of Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, I don't agree with these, and certainly don't agree with independence, I think representation in the UK Parliament is enough, the rest is a waste of money.

  • Barry C

    almost 2 years ago

    Barry C

    Sick of the LEFTIST guests and Knock the Tory angle EVERY DAY. Campbell has no place giving his opinion on anything after the horendous aftermath of advice he has given in the past. The Guardian loving guests views are so inbalanced the debate is irrelevant. Get a wider range of views on the panel please.

  • Julie Reynolds

    almost 2 years ago

    Julie Reynolds

    I was born in Scotland, grew up in Yorkshire and now live in the Highlands. As Michelle Mone said recently, the stats do not support it, and I will NOT be voting for Independence. Scotland and the rest of the UK would be worse off. As a Union, there is power in numbers. And Jeremy, the few numpties who show you animosity aren't worth knowing anyway. Most Scots don't care where you are from as long as you have a drink with them at the bar! ;)

  • J

    almost 2 years ago


    I am Scottish and I am against this. Jeremy is saying he feels disliked however he only shows dislike with his mocking of the Scots. Maybe he should change his attitude. I have many English/Irish/Welsh friends and I am moving to England - I am also wary as to how I will be received - however the tension is hyped by the media. Yes there are some people who have a general dislike for each others countries but the majority do not and it is just banter. I think we should stay together as there are too many consequences. I also think the people like Jeremy need to stop handing out the criticism and look a bit closer to home to see why they might be getting such a reception!

  • Paul Alley

    almost 2 years ago

    Paul Alley

    Union Flag : The white diagonals of St Andrew's Cross & blue background would have to be removed if Scotland were no longer be a part of the UK