Tuesday 28 February


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Bye Bye Occupy!
First up: Bye Bye Occupy - the largest remaining anti capitalist demo, the Occupy London camp at St Pauls was cleared away in the early hours of the morning. 120 tents removed, 20 arrests, no one hurt. Simple question then: after 136 days what, if anything, did the Occupy movement achievement?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Jenny for the best of the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Why Does Childcare Cost So Much?
Then: Why does childcare cost so much? Working parents can spend more per month of childcare than they do on their mortgages. The cost of getting someone to keep an eye on your sprogs costs more in Britain than anywhere else in Europe. Why? Is it supply and demand, government meddling in Surestart and tax credits, a lack of a subsidies, maybe nurseries are too greedy? How much does childcare cost where you live?

Part 6: Put Off By Pix Of Pigs On Packets Of Pork
After that: would putting pictures of pigs on packets put you off pork? A German producer sausage is doing just that. Is he mad? Possibly - that’s for you say - but the farmer believes consumers should know exactly what goes into his bangers. Far from putting you off, he thinks putting photos of his prime porkers on the packaging will lead to you lot buying more of his sausages, not fewer.

Part 7: Invite Etiquette
And finally: if someone invites you round - are you under any obligation to return the favour and invite them back? I mean, it was their idea to have you to their stupid party, or dinner, or whatever. So why do you have to ask them round to yours? Or is that just common courtesy?


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