Wednesday 1 August


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Was Rio’s “Choc Ice” Tweet Racist?
For our first phone in: I want to know if you think Rio Ferdinand’s choc ice jibe about Ashley Cole was racist or not? The FA this week charged him with misconduct - choc ice is often used to define someone as being black on the outside and white on the inside, although the Man Utd star claims he used choc ice to describe Cole as a fake. What meaning did you attach to the phrase?

We’ll take plenty of calls on that before it’s over to Kellie for the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Underparenting: Do Less, Get More From Kids!
After that: we’ll hear what you make of the latest child-rearing fad that’s known as underparenting: Advocates reckon you do way too much for your kids. Adopt a hands off approach - don’t step in when their fighting, don’t pressure them to take up extra curricular activities, leave them to their own devices - and watch them flourish. Sounds like a charter for lazy parents to me - what about you.

Part 6: Who Gets The Dog After A Split?
After that: who gets the dog when its owners split? R-Patz and his cheating ex Kristen Stewart are wrestling with just such a dilemma now they’re going the separate ways. How do you settle a row like that? Share custody of the dog? Give it away to a third party or something else?

Part 7: Let Touts Fill Olympic Seats!
And finally: Anyone else think we need to scrap the law that makes touting Olympic tickets illegal and let the professionals do what Locog can’t and that’s fill all the empty seats? If people want to pay thru the nose why not eh?


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  • Michael

    over 1 year ago


    Half of physically disabled and over 85% off all people with mental illness are unemployed and that is not because these people want to be unemployed or don't want to work its because the inflexibility of employment and employers which have created a ticking timebomb. Most with mental illness don't qualify for dla or sickness benefits and neither can they get work as no-one wants to employ them so they end up in all kinds of situations. We are talking about basic work when it comes to shelving, data entry, packing boxes and yet these can easily be done by most physically and mentally disabled people, only the people severely in pain and unable to move won't be able to do it. It was easier in the past when there were plenty of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs and most people were trained from the beginning at 15 years old now you cannot even get a shelving job unless you an write an essay. Its mad, its forcing people to get money by other means including crime, benefits etc. People should have easy access to basic work and they can still learn english maths etc. The basics of education have also been forced under the carpet and too much information needlessly is being taught. There are many jobs that people could do if employment was set up right. Most mentally ill people can read and write and most want to work so keeping them out of employment is crazy. Yet people will argue they want people in work but they will only give them a job if they are like this, this and this which is contradictory anyway. Sorry but we cannot all be perfect humans we must learn to actually live and work with people who are different and find new ways in which everyone will contribute. 3 interviews, an application form and and a cv to shelve in tesco, along with if your face fits and you are outgoing is not good enough in the 21st century.

  • Michael

    over 1 year ago


    The point is who' to say that those so called black players are afro-caribbean culturally? Equally it is fair to say that these players are as much white as black. Matthew raised about being part english norweigan, scottish etc, but what is he culturally? all these white ethnic groups are pretty much the same genetically except for slight variations and the norweigans have more in common with the british, irish, germans than they do say with greeks, russians and italians so really the differences are minute, people will find the haplogroup r1b in norway as in ireland the differences might be slight but culturally they are similar, but yes culturally a norweigan is slightly different, but has more in common with a brit than with a greek. On the point of disabled people duing this is very tragic, one problem is its all very well saying people are fit for work but having disability means you can do some things and not others. But I simply don't see employers changing either their attitudes or the way they employ people or the way job roles are created. We live in a society where most jobs will be given to those who are multi-skilled and not to those who can only do certain things. If employment and employers don't change I cannot see employment for the disabled getting better. With Britain in a recession, employers seriously need to look at ways new ways of working and incorporating people into work places in various ways to be more productive and more efficient. The current systems are too rigid and its stopping people contributing including those who have skills but whose skills are wasting away as people are on the dole. Employers must stop this endless looking for perfect employees and allow people to contribute in various ways.

  • Margaret

    over 1 year ago


    Re: today papers about '32 people a week dying who have been found fit to work', Matthew Wright misses the point when he says they might have died anyway, whilst many have died from their condition as a direct result of being declared fit to work or being forced into a workplace, the deaths of those who still would have died anyway is equally tragic as they had to spend the last few precious weeks/months of their life fighting just to get benefits to buy food and keep a roof over their head, why should such an ill dying person have to fight so much during the last few moments of their life? They should be able to spend precious time with their family making the last few memories not constantly having to fight for benefits. The stress and injustice put on these people is heart breaking and who knows what impact that stress also had on their health. It shows how beyond hidously flawed these fit to work assessments are, they are not fit for purpose. Even GPs are horrified by the WCA assessment and have unanimousily voted to scrap it. There are even ill and disabled people who have commited suicide rather than having to face starving to death now their benefit has been stopped. The rich get richer and the sick get eradicated. Is this really what we want. Innocent people are suffering and dying yet the actual rate of fraud of sickness benefits is very very low at 0.5%, the lowest fraud rate of all benefits so the attacking of these innocent ill people is unjustifiable. I despair of TWS constantly making light or ignoring serious issues. PLEASE PLEASE everyone watch the dispatches and panorama programmes online that were aired on BBC and channel 4 Monday 30th July, you will be horrified by what you see.

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  • Cathy

    over 1 year ago


    Totally agree with Melanie, the terms choc ice or coconut are offensive to white people and this is constantly causing divides. Why not integrate and forget colour? We are all people not black, white or brown

  • Melanie

    over 1 year ago


    What happened to people integrating into the society they live in? If an African or Carribean person comes to live in the UK, a primarily white country, they are expected to integrate into the existing society and population, but they are accused of ignoring their own heritage. It seems they can't win! We're all human beings and it's time to ditch the stereotypes of skin colour

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