Wednesday 4 July


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Who Cares If Cop Shops Close?
For our first phone in: Who cares if cop shops close? 264 police stations are to shut the next three years as forces come to terms with a 20% budget cut. But don’t despair because 137 drop-in desks are going to open in supermarkets, libraries, and community centres instead. So that’s all ok then?

Well we’ll find out when we take your calls on that before it’s over to Ryan for the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: No Jail For Porn Addict Rapist, 14
After that, a story in all of today’s papers: the 14-year-old lad spared jail despite raping a five-year-old. Why? Because the judge blamed society for allowing him to become hooked on porn. Adult images had sexualised and corrupted him. Perhaps- but not everyone who views porn becomes a rapist. And as the lad is well over the age of criminal responsibility you have to wonder if the judge got this one right?

Part 6: Dating Your Ex’s Sibling
After that, something lighter - well maybe - the pros and cons of dating an ex’s brother or sister. A popular past time in much of Lincolnshire, or so I’ve heard, isn’t it just a little odd? And downright iffy if you go for your ex’s twin as one member of the Wright stuff team did. So if you’ve dating an ex’s sibling we’d love to hear from you - why didn’t you ask the sibling out first?

Part 7: Are Convict Cakes Bad Taste?
And finally we’re going to get your thoughts on cakes baked by prisoners under a scheme set up by Gordon effin Ramsey. Now I’m all for a bit of rehabilitation and these treacle and lemon slices look delicious but what if the person who baked this one was a child killer or a serial rapist? Suddenly I’m not angry any more. What about you?


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