Wednesday 16 January


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

PARTS 2 & 3: COPS AND Mcjobbers
First up: Cops and McJobbers. What do you make of plans to slash a police officer’s starting salary to that of a trainee fast food manager? The ConDems want to see the annual wage of a fully qualified officer cut from £23,000 a year - which is below the national average salary all the same - to £19,000, less than a nurse or teacher gets. But more than soldier pockets. So who’d be a copper, eh?

We take plenty of calls on this before it’s over to Nell for the rest of today’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Two Faces Of Discrimination
Then: we’re looking at two faces of discrimination and asking if you can understand why it’s discrimination to order a Christian worker to hide her cross but right to sack a Christian counsellor who objected to dealing with same sex couples?

Part 6: Can You Forgive Lance Armstrong?
Moving on: Could you ever forgive drug cheat cyclist Lance Armstrong? He’s on the apology trail in the states trying to win back hearts and minds after being outed as the world’s worst ever drug cheat. Seven Tour de France titles and he twice beat cancer. He was inspiration to millions but am I alone in wishing he’d just crawl under a rock and leave us in peace however sorry he may be?

Part 7: Don’t Talk About The Gym, Use It!
And finally: we’re gonna find out if anyone else has adopted Mrs Wright’s seemingly unique approach to exercise - which is to talk about the gym she joined without ever going? Thousands of people pay good money to pump iron and then don’t - maybe you’re one of them - and do any of you share my view that gyms with nice bars hydrotherapy pools and saunas aren’t really interested in getting you fit?


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