Wednesday 25 April


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Should Culture Sec Jeremy Hunt Resign?
For our first phone in: Should culture secretary Jeremy Hunt resign? Labour leader Ed Miliband has accused him of feeding commercially sensitive information to the Murdoch’s over a deal worth billions. Hunt though insists he did nothing untoward and claims the Leveson inquiry was fed a lot of fibs. And yet his name and initials appeared on an awful lot of seemingly dodgy emails. So should he go?

We’ll take lots of calls on that before it’s over to Phil for the rest of the day’s headlines.

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Are Make-Up Kits For Tots Evil?
Then: Are make-up kits targeted at little girls of three evil? Campaigners reckon the cosmetics sold in toyshops set little girls on the wrong path and set their little minds worrying about their appearance and the need to be pretty. They want the kits relabelled as suitable for kids of eight and over. Seems like a reasonable request to me - what about you?

Part 6: Look Like A Fool, Get Treated Like A Fool
After that: If you look like a fool can you complain if you end up being treated like one? if you’ve got a serious point to make or get across do you need to look the part, even now in 21st century Britain? Russell Brand wanted to lecture Westminster about drugs yesterday but MPs struggled to take him seriously after he turned up looking like an unemployed scarecrow?

Part 7: Garage Oddballs
And finally: Are you or do you know any garage oddballs - people who build mock-ups of jet airliners or cabins on the titanic where the rest of us store our cars, bikes and junk. If you were invited to strap in for a bumpy flight after popping round for a cup of sugar would you run a mile?


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Comments (1)

  • chelsea windsor

    almost 2 years ago

    chelsea windsor

    i think that this morning's show has been ridiculous. i believe that 3 yr olds should be able to have the basics of make-up. i.e lipstick, glitter and make up brushes. what is the problem with that?? u said something on the lines of them thinking about their sexuality, and becoming 'slags' a 3 yr old doesnt know the difference between sexuality or even know anything about sex for that matter. a 3 year ols is at the age of exploring there learning how to put long sentences trogeather and how to explore into their new world. they watch and follow those who are around them day in and day out. the only way your child will think that make-up makes them 'prittier or like a princess' is if there told that or hear it. they will not just think that up on there own they learn from their guardian. as a parent you want your child to explore and know the difference between different things/products. as a parent it is your responsibility to then teach your child at a certain age that make up is only for playtime and should be cleaned off after playing, then your child knows the rules of playtime with make-up and will stick to them if you ensure they do and show your serious. a childs behaviour will al;ways come from how they are brought up and the surroundings there brought up in, and if your child comes home at the age of 13 saying that they are pregnant, like you said, then that aint because you let them play with make-up as a tot, it is because they learnt it from their parents. even if a 13yr old knows what sex is and how it is done they should be brought up well enough to know that they are far to young to do it and it will not be acceptable to do it, therefore a 3yr old wearing make-up DURING PLAYTIME is ok depending on there parents bringing them up correctly.