Wednesday 29 February


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Part 1: Hellos & Menu

Parts 2 & 3: Why Shouldn’t Dsk Speak At Cambridge?
For our first phone-in: Why shouldn’t DSK speak at Cambridge? As we heard on Monday the former head of the International monetary fund has been invited to address students next week. Dominique Strauss Kahn was famously accused of raping a chamber maid but charges were later dropped. He’s also accused of sleeping with hookers, which he denies. Cambridge wants him to talk about international finance but women’s groups object. Would you let him speak?

After hearing your thoughts on that it’s over to Ava for the rest of the day’s headlines

Part 4: Today’s Papers

Part 5: Who Cares If Smokers Feel “Like Lepers”?
Then we’ll find out who cares if smokers are treated like lepers? A government health adviser does. Despite a big drop in the number of nicotine addicts in recent years, this boffin reckons anti smoking campaigns have led to a hardening of attitudes towards the poor who feel the rest of us look down our noses at them. We’d be better off promoting the benefits of packing it in to poorer folk. Would we?

Part 6: Are Divorcees A Better Catch?
After that: are divorcees a better catch than someone who’s never walked down the aisle before? Yes they are says the latest research: Why because they’re more sensitive, more determined to make it work and they’re unafraid of commitment - and yet the success rate of second marriages is lower than first time marriages. So are divorcees really a better catch?

Part 7: Leap Year Proposals
And finally: the phone-in we do only once every four years - leap year proposals. Do you girls like going down on one knee? Do fellas like being asked not asking? If you had a leap year proposal we’d love to hear from you and ditto if you’re thinking of popping the question yourself today. Why not do it live on the telly with the whole country watching?

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