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Guests from 24th September

Guests include Debra Stephenson, Lou Carpenter from Neighbours, Anthony Horowitz - and MORE!

Guests from 24th September

Panelists Georgie Thompson & Steve Furst team up to bring you a week's worth of debate from 24th September. 

Special guests joining them include:

Monday 24th: Chris Milligan - Neighbours (C5)
Tuesday 25th: Debra Stephenson - Red Tractor Week (campaign)
Wednesday 26th: Tom Oliver - Neighbours (C5)
Thursday 27th: Anthony Horowitz - The House of Silk (book)
Friday 28th: Ruthie Henshall - So You Want To Be In Musicals (book) plus TV Review: Kevin O'Sullivan

For your free tickets to join the audience, please call 0207 985 1927.

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