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Guests from 25th June

Matthew is on holiday... so holding the fort will be Kaye Adams in the hot-seat, with Amanda Lamb & Jeremy Edwards on the panel.

Guests from 25th June

Kaye Adams will be presenting the show from 25th June, alongside panelists Amanda Lamb & Jeremy Edwards. 

Special guests joining them include:

Monday 25th: Sophia Myles - Utopia (play)
Tuesday 26thAlastair Campbell - The Burden of Power (book)
Wednesday 27thSimon Jones - Hitchhikers's Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show Live!
Thursday 28th: Carly Stenson - Cat's Protection League / Shrek The Musical
Friday 29thNoah Huntley - Snow White & The Huntsman (film)
TV Review: Kevin O'Sullivan

To join the audience please call the ticket hotline on 0207 985 1927. 

Comments (3)

  • AyeshaK

    almost 2 years ago


    Kaye Adam just made a comment 'Saudi Arabian women should be encouraged to exercise' Hmmm If she has ever been to Saudia Arabia, she would have noticed the many Gyms and the many women that occupy them on a daily basis. Exercise is most definately encouraged, but she may need to educate herself on the Islamic conduct of women to understand the reason[s] why or why not they are allowed to participate in sport in the public arena.

  • dave peckham

    almost 2 years ago

    dave peckham

    if any one has had it handed to him on a plate then it's Cameron. Wealthy father, married for money, never done a proper days work in his life. watching these polititions is like being at the cinema 'the suspension of disbeleif' they are so disbeleivable it's untrue.

  • Mary

    almost 2 years ago


    hoping Kaye manages to keep her volume down to-day