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Guests from 25th June

Matthew is on holiday... so holding the fort will be Kaye Adams in the hot-seat, with Amanda Lamb & Jeremy Edwards on the panel.

Guests from 25th June

Kaye Adams will be presenting the show from 25th June, alongside panelists Amanda Lamb & Jeremy Edwards. 

Special guests joining them include:

Monday 25th: Sophia Myles - Utopia (play)
Tuesday 26thAlastair Campbell - The Burden of Power (book)
Wednesday 27thSimon Jones - Hitchhikers's Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show Live!
Thursday 28th: Carly Stenson - Cat's Protection League / Shrek The Musical
Friday 29thNoah Huntley - Snow White & The Huntsman (film)
TV Review: Kevin O'Sullivan

To join the audience please call the ticket hotline on 0207 985 1927.