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Guests from 30th July

Matthew's away Monday, replaced by Penny Smith in the hot seat. Iwan Thomas, Charley Speed and Lowri Turner form the week's panel.

Guests from 30th July

Join us from Monday 30th July when Iwan Thomas (Monday - Thursday) and Charley Speed (Friday) will join Lowri Turner for more topical debate. Matthew Wright is away on Monday, replaced by Penny Smith. 


Guests joining them include:

Monday 30th: Tim Vincent - Olympics for NBC
Tuesday 31st: Robin Cousins - Chicago (musical)
Wednesday 1st: Kellie Shirley - Riot (film)
Thursday 2nd: Kerry Ellis - Various concerts
Friday 3rd: Sam Robertson - Beaver Falls (E4) plus TV Review: Kevin O'Sullivan.

If you're in London for the Olympics or are off from work or school, please call the ticket hotline for your free audience places! The number is 0207 985 1927.

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  • ron gardiner

    over 1 year ago

    ron gardiner

    Why is it that Iwan Thomas,trying to be a "celebrity",has started to act like a child?Also,anyone but Mattew Wright that presents his show ,is always better at it than he is[I think he is the most pukiest person on tv.I only watch the show for his guests]Also how good is Penny Smith doing this morning?Answer-Brilliant.

  • adam

    over 1 year ago


    all the celebs must be on hoilday this week.

  • Rude Dude 2

    over 1 year ago

    Rude Dude 2

    Who the hell is Penny Smith on my favourite day prog