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Guests from 6th August

We have a golden panel this week, with Fatima Whitbread & Jeremy Edwards joining forces along with Matthew Wright and a host of special guests.

Guests from 6th August

Join us from 6th August, when panelists Fatima Whitbread & Jeremy Edwards team up to debate their opinions for the week.

Guests joining them:

Monday 6th: Nik Kershaw - "8" (album)
Tuesday 7th: Paul Young - On My Travels (cook book)
Wednesday 8th: Andy Nyman - The Golden Rules of Acting (book)
Thursday 9th: Charlie Luxton - Britain's Hidden Heritage (BBC1)
Friday 10th: Tasha Danvers - Olympic chat - plus TV Review: Kevin O'Sullivan

Tickets for the studio audience are free. Please call the ticket line on 0207 985 1927 to get yours. 

Comments (2)

  • Liane Jones

    over 1 year ago

    Liane Jones

    What a lovely, lovely person Fatima Whitbread is! So calm and peaceful, gets her point across (even gently managed to shut Matthew up when he tried to interrupt her at one point - fantastic)!!!! I like many of the panellists on the show, and very often agree with Lowri Turner's points, but having watched Fatima, now realise how "shouty" Lowri is. I suspect it's probably necessary working with Matthew Wright, as he does tend to constantly interrupt and shut people off if he doesn't agree with what they're saying, but Fatima manages to show it is possible to get one's point across in a calm, even-handed manner. (I'd like to attend a course that teaches this, as I am quite "shouty" myself - it's really not good)! I really hope Fatima will be a regular from now on. We could do with some new strong characters on the show - some have been a little woolly, just lately. I had almost switched off completely . . .

  • Siana Taylor

    over 1 year ago

    Siana Taylor

    when will Gail Porter be back on the her, great on your panel and inspiration to us all x