• Episode 19: Push Me, Pull You

    The puppet show has arrived on Sodor and Skarloey is determined to pull the special train on his own.

  • Episode 18: Percy And The Bandstand

    Percy is charged with taking Lady Hatt to her surprise party at the new bandstand, but she asks to be taken elsewhere.

  • Episode 17: Thomas Puts The Brakes On

    Thomas has been given the job of delivering blocks for the Sodor River Bridge, but things go awry when his brakes begin to fail.

  • Episode 16: The Man In The Hills

    With Mr Percival's birthday approaching, Thomas has an idea for a suitable present, but his decision risks spoiling the party.

  • Episode 15: Gordon Takes A Short Cut

    Gordon gets lost while on his way to the docks, but is unwilling to ask for help.

  • Episode 14: Don't Go Back

    Diesel challenges Thomas to a race backwards all around Sodor.

  • Episode 13: Tram Trouble

    Toby is given the job of leading the parade at the first Great Waterton festival with a new tram called Flora.

  • Episode 12: James Works It Out

    James ignores Hector the truck's advice and sets off in the middle of some snowy weather.

  • Episode 11: Duncan And The Hot Air Balloon

    Duncan feels hurt when, instead of a train ride, Mr Percival decides to take the twins for a birthday trip in a hot-air balloon.

  • Episode 10: Saved You!

    Thomas is inspired when a fireman is presented with a medal for bravery, but his attempts to be brave himself soon cause problems.

  • Episode 9: The Party Surprise

    Freddie's attempts to allow Colin the crane to join in a winter party end in disaster when he forgets to inform Mr Percival of the change of plan.

  • Episode 8: Excellent Emily

    Emily is delighted to receive some praise from the Fat Controller, but it soon goes to her head.

  • Episode 7: Toby's Special Surprise

    Toby is keen to impress Sir Topham Hatt, so he decides to look for something special for him on the island.

  • Episode 6: Heave Ho Thomas!

    When a big, brash engine called Hank offers to help Thomas with his chores, the little engine shrugs off his assistance.

  • Episode 5: Henry Gets It Wrong

    When the Sodor Wishing Tree is damaged in a storm, Henry makes every effort to prevent some woodsmen from reaching it and chopping it down.

  • Episode 4: Mountain Marvel

    The famous storyteller Miss Marvel is coming to the island to share her tale of Proteus, the mystical engine, and an over-excited Peter crashes into a statue!

  • Episode 3: Rosie's Funfair Special

    It is carnival time on Sodor and Rosie is hoping to pull the special coaches.

  • Episode 2: Steady Eddie

    Edward is chosen to deliver a brass wheel to the water works as he is the steadiest engine. Instead of taking the smooth express line, he takes a much bumpier track.

  • Episode 1: Thomas And The Billboard

    A photograph of the engines is being taken for a billboard. Diesel rolls in front of the camera and obscures Thomas, who believes he did it on purpose.

  • Episode 20: Best Friends

    Thomas and Percy fall out when Thomas decides to keep a secret from his pal.