• Episode 2: Henry's Magic Box

    Henry is very excited when he is asked to deliver a special box to the middle of a field. What could it contain?

  • Episode 20: Merry Misty Island

    Dash, Bash and Ferdinand decide to throw a Christmas party, but before long the logging locos have caused chaos on Misty Island.

  • Episode 19: Jitters And Japes

    Thomas is given the job of escorting the Fat Controller's mother, Dowager Hatt, on a tour of Sodor.

  • Episode 18: O The Indignity

    Gordon is horrified to be put in charge of Whiff's Waste Dump for the day.

  • Episode 17: Thomas And Scruff

    Thomas decides that it is high time new engine Scruff took a bath. But when the grubby newcomer gets wind of Thomas's plan, he flees in terror!

  • Episode 16: Jumping Jobi Wood

    Thomas is ordered to collect some precious Jobi wood from Misty Island, but chaos ensues when Old Wheezy starts throwing the logs around.

  • Episode 15: Thomas' Crazy Day

    The Fat Controller enlists Thomas to teach the silly Logging Locos how to be useful, but he has already promised to play a game with Percy...

  • Episode 14: Thomas And The Snowman Party

    Thomas is anxious to help the children find some hats for their snowmen, so he decides to borrow some - without asking permission first.

  • Episode 13: Thomas' Winter Wish

    Thomas is given the very important job of delivering the Star of Knapford.

  • Episode 12: Being Percy

    Percy decides to imitate wise old Gordon in order to win the respect of the other engines.

  • Episode 11: Thomas In Charge

    The Island Inspector pays a visit to Sodor, but Thomas's ambitious plans to impress him lead to chaos - and flying coal trucks!

  • Episode 10: Victor Says Yes

    Victor bites off more than he can chew when he agrees to fix almost every engine on Sodor on the same day.

  • Episode 9: Pop Goes Thomas

    Thomas is amused by the popping sounds coming from his load of lemonade, but when he delivers the cargo he discovers that the bottles are empty.

  • Episode 8: Diesel's Special Delivery

    Diesel swaps his dull load of slate for a haul of shiny red apples in order to please Sodor's schoolchildren.

  • Episode 7: Henry's Health And Safety

    After a chat about the meaning of health and safety, Henry sets about interfering with everybody's jobs.

  • Episode 6: Toby & The Whistling Woods

    Toby must visit the summerhouse, which means travelling through the scary Whistling Woods...

  • Episode 5: Charlie And Eddie

    Edward tries to show his friend Charlie that he is a really fun engine - to the detriment of his job.

  • Episode 4: Pingy Pongy Pick Up

    On the day of a Sodor football tournament, all the engines are given important jobs - except Emily, who is tasked with picking up some dirty washing.

  • Episode 3: James In The Dark

    James refuses to be fitted with a lamp to help him see in the dark - but later regrets his stubborn decision.

  • Episode 1: Thomas' Tall Friend

    All kinds of shenanigans ensue when Thomas is called upon to deliver a giraffe to the Sodor Wildlife Centre.