• Training Time

    Pufferty enters a dog-train contest.

  • Weather Time

    The twins help Chikidee jazz up her weather reports.

  • Sports Time

    The twins have to compete separately in the Tickety-lympics.

  • Driving Time

    McCoggins builds the twins a car they can drive themselves.

  • Go Kart Time

    Go-Kart Time: Animation. Tommy and Tallulah are competing against each other in a go-kart race. Disaster strikes when Tommy uses the clockhouse key to make his go-kart go faster.

  • Superhero Time

    Tommy and Tallulah play at being superheroes.

  • Easter Egg Time

    Tommy and Tallulah are going to decorate eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.

  • Fix-It Time

    Tommy tries to mend McCoggins's broken truck.

  • Magic Time

    McCoggins's magic show goes awry.

  • Ball Time

    The twins inflate their ball until it is the size of house!

  • Robot Time

    McCoggins builds a new robot and leaves the twins in charge.

  • Itchy Time

    The twins think they have caught dog fleas from Pufferty.

  • Dino Time

    The twins find the bones of an ancient Clockosaurus.

  • Old Things Time

    The twins find an old plane that belonged to Madame Au Lait.

  • Funfair Time

    The twins decide Pufferty can become a rollercoaster.