Too Fat To Fly

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As Channel 5's Supersized Season continues, this eye-opening documentary hears the holiday horror stories of Britain's rapidly growing obese population. Being overweight is not easy, and 65% of the UK population is now overweight or obese. So what happens when you have piled on the pounds and have an embarrassing incident on holiday?

These traumatic tales include getting thrown off a plane for being too big for the seat, being too large to ride a rollercoaster and getting wedged on a water slide. The film also sends plus-size tourists to road-test flights and investigate the problems facing today's larger fliers.

Jan and Alan, B&B owners from Hampshire, share their embarrassment at being told they were too heavy to sit together on their flight to Guernsey. They have since lost an impressive 16 stone between them – 8 stone each – and were named Slimming World’s Slimming Couple of the Year 2010.

When 32-stone Sandy from Wolverhampton took his seat on a flight to Toronto, he realised that it would be a tight squeeze. But the last thing he expected was to be led off the plane by cabin crew and asked to purchase a second seat. Unable to afford the additional cost, Sandy had no choice but to cancel his trip.

Jodie reveals hows he went from a size 22 to a svelte size 8 after a mortifying massage in Turkey. Humiliated by taunts from her masseuse, she returned from her holiday determined to change her lifestyle. Jodie is now a fitness enthusiast and training to compete in a bodybuilding contest. This is a heartfelt look at how difficult it can be to holiday when you are overweight and the people who have turned their lives around because of it.