• Murder by Numbers

    Documentary detailing the case of the death of Keith Slater.

  • Death of a Beauty King

    Investigating the death of model Constantine Dean Milo.

  • Poison Pen

    An elderly woman is found murdered in her home.

  • Close to Home

    An examination of the murder of teenager Naomi Smith.

  • Dead of Night

    A woman's body is found bound and gagged.

  • Making A Killing

    How the use of forensics and technology has helped to solve baffling real-life murders, featuring dramatised reconstructions and eyewitness accounts.

  • Dirty Deeds

    A choir singer is gunned down outside a church.

  • Shortcut To Murder

    Modern science meets grim murder as each episode of 'True CSI' enters the criminal mind, telling a complex story riddled with mystery

  • Presumed Dead

    Was a missing woman the victim of foul play?

  • Cherry Hill Murder

    A murder mystery from New Jersey.

  • Kill Your Parents

    The show analyses a grizzly real-life murder with forensic tools and dna evidence.

  • Trail Of Blood

    An anti-crime activist is murdered in his own home.